Farrakhan Is Coming

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam would land at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra on Thursday, April 11 from his base in the United States of America.

The exact time of his arrival has not been disclosed but he is expected to stay in Ghana for several days. The visit is part of a world tour which will take the Muslim preacher to other countries mainly in the Caribbean.

Mr. Farrakhan will be accompanied by a high powered delegation of about 20 members of his outfit.

Sources close to the Farrakhan establishment in New York told “The Insight newspaper” that Brother Akba Mohammed a long time associate of Mr. Farrakhan will be on the delegation.

Akba Mohammed served as a representative of the Nation of Islam in Ghana for many years and is reputed to be an unrepentant Nkrumaist and Pan-Africanist. Whiles in the country. Mr. Farrakhan is expected to deliver a public lecture in Accra.

Sources close to him have also indicated that he will seek audience with President John Dramani Mahama who he considers as a progressive leader. He is expected to discuss questions on Africa’s development agenda with President Mahama.

Mr. Farrakhan and the world famous African American Leader Malcolm X used to belong to the same stable. Malcolm X was assassinated and has since then become a major icon of black liberation throughout the world.

Louis Farrakhan has grown to become one of the foremost advocate of a fair international economic order. He is also expected to meet religious leaders whiles in Ghana.