AFAG to sue Police over Mieku demo

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is considering taking legal action against the Police and to secure a court order for their intended demonstration on April 18, 2013.

The group is shocked at the sudden u-turn by the police to stop them from embarking on the demonstration.

After several disagreements between the police and AFAG over when to organise the demonstration and which route to use, the two parties finally agreed on April 18.

Just when the pressure group was gearing up for the intended demonstration to protest what they say is the worsening living conditions for the ordinary Ghanaian, the police administration gave notice it has changed its plans and will not be able to provide security for the demonstration.

The police say they will be deploying its personnel to the Supreme Court to provide security during the presidential election petition and cannot therefore raise enough men to supervise AFAG’s demo.

The pressure group is livid over the new posture by the police.

One of the leading members of AFAG, Davies Opoku told the reason by the police is untenable.

He said merely because the police will be providing security at the Supreme Court does not mean that all other things must grind to a halt.

“So if there is an armed robbery in the Southern part of Accra will they say because of the court they will not be able to go there,” he asked.

Davies Opoku stated that Section 4 subsection 1 of the Public Order Act clearly states the circumstances under which the police can stop picketers from embarking on their demonstration.

The reasons the police are providing for their inability to supervise the demonstration is not acceptable, he reiterated.

He suspects the police are succumbing to powers and pressure from above to foil their demonstration.

The AFAG leader said they are in talks with their lawyers and are contemplating going to the court to secure an order for the intended demonstration.