Activities of illegal chain saw operators, major source of flooding

Activities of illegal chain saw operators and other farming practices have been identified as major causes of flooding in some communities in the Volta region.

Joy News’ Volta regional correspondent, Hubert Mawuli Yevu Agbi, visited the Sokode Lokoe L.A. Primary school where an eight year old pupil died in a flood last year and reports of looming calamity.

According to Hubert Agbi, a stream close to the Primary school, overflowed its banks during torrential rains in September 2012 and killed the little boy in his attempt to recover his sandals from the running water.

With the advent of the rains, there is ominous danger as activities of illegal chain saw operators coupled with farming practices have depleted the forest cover.

The Regional National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Coordinator, Simon Myles-Baka who bemoaned the impact of the illegal activities, confirmed the gloomy outlook to Hebert Agbi.

“The forest they had before is almost gone as a result of activities of these chain saw people…..and the forest is also cleared for farming… [so] the windbreaks are all gone..”.