2013 VGMA -The Drama Begins

By : Chris Twum
Email: [email protected]
It is exciting to see Ghanaians show so much interest and anxiety on anything related to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. From food at the launch to the list of nominees, the constitution of the board to artistes performances, from the cost of tickets to the MC, from what to wear to the various events and the biggest talk which certainly will be on who wins what.

This year’s calendar has seen quite some juggling because by this time last year and even years before the event organisers would be on the chopping slate being lambasted and accused of all manner of things, from awards robbery to favouritism, cronyism and what have you.

But here’s the joke. Most of these accusations you bet will come from artistes who just a year before had sung the praise of the event, its sponsors and organisers because they had won. Sour grapes, perhaps? We wait to see.

With all the drama and bickering going on and the speculations of when the event will be taking place, it was with great joy that Event Organisers, Charterhouse, on Friday 6th April released what they call the final event calendar for the 2013 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Festival. The next few lines have dates you may want to highlight or pen down.

For the very first time in the history of the VGMAs, this year’s calendar of events opens with the Nominees Jam in Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region on Saturday 20th April.

With show rocking performances from some of this year’s Nominees, the Koforidua Jackson Park is set to light up with it’s biggest event ever. Patrons are encouraged to not to miss this absolutely free of charge party starter.

Previous years have seen the jam train make stops in the Ashanti and Western Regional capitals of Kumasi and Tadi respectively with great of performances by some of the country’s best and most sought after musicians.

‘Over the years we have tried as much as possible to include other parts of Ghana in the celebration of what has come to be seen as Ghanaian music’s biggest event. This is to make the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards a real national experience.

It is our belief that before long the train for the Nominees jams would have visited the whole country and who knows, the main awards night may one day see itself in a different city!’ Executive Director of Charterhouse, Theresa Ayoade said.

This year’s edition of the VGMA Nominees Jam promises to be an unforgettable and exciting experience that music lovers cannot afford to miss.

It will be hosted by talented comedian and aspiring musician, Funny Face, and guess what? It will air live on GH-One Entertainment TV which is also now on your Strong decoder box.

Next on the calendar is the VGMA stakeholdersforum, dubbed ‘Next Level Forum’, scheduled for the 9th of May 2013. Venue for this forum will be communicated in due course and as the theme suggests, discussions will be geared mainly toward the development and growth of our music industry, and arrangements are currently in place to get top notch international music producers to be present to transfer knowledge to our industry practitioners on how to take our music to the next level.

On the night of 11th May 2013, deserving artistes and some players in the Ghanaian music industry will be rewarded at the VGMA 2013 Industry Awards Ceremony. A little bird whispered to me that we may see this event go to another city! Wouldn’t that be great?

Finally, the big one. Leaked, but sketchy info emanating from our sources inside CHARTERHOUSE allude to a never before seen or experienced event.

They speak of a certain tunnel, an endless red carpet with selected media and photographers, lights that create moods to change your mood, enough sound power to restart a heart but not kill the ears and the very very best in performances from a list of acts yet to be released.

We can, however, confirm artistes from the UK, Across Africa and our own Gh Stars. All these and more at the biggest event on Ghana’s entertainment calendar. The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards main event night on 18th May 2013 at the Accra International Conference Centre.