Special school teachers threaten strike action

Special School Teachers in the Country are threatening to go on strike if their needs are not addressed.

President of the National Association of Special School Teachers, Northern Zone, Armstrong Adu Boakye tells Adom News their work comes with a lot of risk, hence the need for them to be treated differently when dealing with of teachers.

For instance there have been instances where teachers are physically attacked by the students, he said.

To compound their issue, he said teachers in special schools are not consulted when the Ghana National Association of Teachers takes decisions that affect teachers.

Mr Adu Boakye further noted that teachers in specials schools often get frustrated by the volume of work a teacher has to surmount.

As a teacher in a special school, the President said, aside your core duty you have to be an interpreter, because every lesson notes that a teacher writes, he or she has to do a version to suit the special needs of his or her students.

Mr. Adu Boakye is therefore calling on the government to meet special teachers separately because their issues are far different from teachers at regular schools.

He mentioned some of the benefits they need as stigma endurance allowance and increase in their market premium.

He said if the government fails to take the necessary action to address their concerns they will advise themselves.