Ref plays 120 minutes in Division One League match

Sports Features of Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Source: Raymond Yeboah

l have heard the story of biased officiating day in and day out but the referee who handled the Division One League match involving B/A United versus Sampa United at Sunyani Coronation Park, Mahama Awutomaa of Damango was an apology of a referee.

The B/A United team lacked the winning touch on the day because of the lack of good playing materials. The team had to face Sampa United without two of their key stars, Roger and Noah who have left the team for rival clubs, B/A Stars and Bechem United respectively.

The selling of these two important players by non-performing current management headed by Kwabena Kyere Stuttgart paved way for a great quality performance by Sampa United. The referee broke all the biased officiating records in association football for the fear of a charged few B/A United supporters. Some of the referee decisions against the Sampa based club must enter the Guinness Book of Records for the worst officiating in our time, surely. First, the goal that B/A United scored was as a result of four B/A United players’ hands. Also in the history of Association Football, that was the first time a game travelled 120 minutes, meanwhile it was not an extra time.

Some of B/A United supporters at certain stages of the second half halted the game which to me accounted to that record added on time. B/A United were awarded a penalty but could not score in the process.

Section of B/A United supporters were against the CEO of the club for the fact that, he has deceived them after he has said it on radio that he has brought quality materials to the team but their performances at the end of the day proved otherwise.

B/A United at the end of the day won the game 1-0 but the results to me wasn’t fair and credible so the Ethics Committee must take the above mentioned referee to task.

I am done.