Rakfam Launches Anti-Mosquito Bulbs

Rakia Tanko

Rakia Tanko

Rakfam Global Limited, a wholly-owned Ghanaian company, has launched a new energy-saving and mosquito-repelling bulb onto the market.

Known as mosquito light http://www.edalight.net/ProductsType/Photon-Mosquito-Repeller.htm , the bulbs are safer than mosquito coils and harmless to humans.

Rakia Tanko, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rakfam Global Company, commenting on the product after its launch at the Accra Mall over the weekend, said it does emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation. The bulbs also do not contain any insecticides or pesticides.

Studies have shown that long-term exposure to mosquito coil smoke can induce asthma and persistent wheeze in children.

Explaining further, Ms Tanko noted that exposure to mosquito coil smoke poses both acute and chronic health risks as a large suite of volatile organic compounds including carcinogens and suspected carcinogens had been found in the coil smoke.

The 23-watts mosquito bulb could be used for a minimum of 4,000 hours or 500 days based on an 8-hour operation daily, the CEO indicates.

Rajan Desai, CEO of MeWorld India, manufacturers of the yellow-pigment concentrated bulb, in an interview with CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE , said the mosquito repelling lamp could also be installed either on a ceiling or wall.

‘It is suitable for both indoor (room, living hall, dining hall, hallway, kitchen, and entrance) and outdoor use (back yard, porch, garden, fence perimeter, parks, public areas, livestock farm, school compound, temple).

‘The maximum height for lamp installation is 2.5 meters above the ground.  First start the lamp after 10 minutes and place it at mosquito hideouts to make them fly in the air. Initially the mosquitoes will be attracted towards the lamp. After 20 or 30 minutes, keep the windows or doors open and you will witness the mosquitoes flying away.’

According to him, users will get over 80 percent mosquito repelling effect.

‘For instance, if there are 10 mosquitoes in the room, the lamp can expel almost all of them.’

Commenting on how the lamp attracts the mosquitoes, Mr Desai stated: ‘The mosquitoes will initially come near the lamp, but after some time will feel uncomfortable and will fly away. Some mosquitoes will still sit even near the lamp because they were already weak cannot fly any longer but they will not bite.’

Dr S.A. Arthur, Medical Director of Christian Medical Centre at Nungua, in a remark, expressed the hope that the rate of morbidity as a result of malaria is expected to decline with the introduction of the mosquito repellant bulbs.

By Samuel Boadi