“PSG and Barcelona, what are your pornos?” The big mistake of the Tunisian Jamel Saihi on Twitter!

Surely you did not pay attention, you either! Well, we do. The Tunisian, Jamel Saihi tried to pull the nose to his fans on Twitter by launching forecasts for Barça-PSG tonight.

Except that the player became entangled in his letters on the social network. He tweeted: “PSG and Barca tonight? What are your pornos “, before returning to correct his mistake ” I meant “prognoses and not pornos! I’m sure there are some who did not get my point! “ .

But some of his followers as we had already captured the moment. Finally, he was able to drop his prognosis for a relaxed atmosphere. “I see a draw of 0-0 or 1-1,” tweeted Saihi.

Well, he does not relax as such. Either it is 0-0 or 1-1!

Here is the original version of his tweets in French!