Lack Of Investment Identified As Cause Of Poor Sanitation In Ghana

Compiled by Richard Attenkah
A sanitation and waste management expert has disclosed that three major factors account for the poor sanitation and waste management the country is experiencing in recent times.

Mr. Edward Mba, head of the Waste Management Department of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), in an exclusive interview with the Tema File, said even though the situation seemed enormous, it was surmountable.

The TMA waste management boss observed that to be able to address the poor sanitation problem in the country, professionals in the sector must show commitment to addressing the situation.

He said the government must also invest heavily in the sector by strengthening the state institutions with the necessary expertise to be able to direct and implement policies and programmes.

Another point Mr. Mba raised was the fact that the government must facilitate the active involvement of the private sector in the sanitation, by encouraging them to invest a great deal in the sector.

Mr. Mba further called on members of the general public to, as a matter of urgency, change their attitude towards the issues of sanitation or the environment, as their involvement was very vital in this matter.

‘Members of the general public must be educated to know the role they have to play to ensure that we are able to handle our sanitation concerns well, without problems,’ he explained.

He hinted that when these areas are critically looked at and harnessed, the fight against poor sanitation and waste management could be won.