Jones Kublenu: MPs Did Not Receive Ex-Gratia In Bulk

The Public Relations Officer at Parliament, Jones Kugblenu has debunked claims that Members of Parliament (MPs) received ex-gratia in lump sums.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Gold on Tuesday, he stated that the payments were made in four tranches from November last year to offset the debts.

He explained that the Parliamentarians received those sums of money following recommendations made by a Committee in the House to look into their salary pay policy.

He further said the MPs between 2009 and 2012 were only receiving allowances because their amount of money they were supposed to receive as monthly salaries had not yet been determined.

This, as a result, left behind some arrears which were to be defrayed of which the government did by paying out GHC 47 million to both sitting members and those who have left the Sixth Parliament under the Fourth Republic.

The members who retained their seats after the general elections in 2012 were paid an amount of GH¢276,000 each while those who lost their seats received GH¢311,000 each including other grants.

But these monies according to the Mr. Kugblenu were paid in installments.

He however volunteered information to the effect that the MPs were not only given ex-gratia but also preparations were made to offset their salary arrears as well as other statutory requirements regarding their pay.

He added the monies doled out were not to solely settle the ex-gratia of the legislators but also captured their Committee allowances, car loans among others.

“They are monies that have spread over a period of time and it covers not only ex-gratia but other statutory payments that they are entitled to.”

He further said salaries of the MPs are not determined by the House.

Article 71 of the constitution mandates the President to establish a Committee and upon the recommendations of the Committee, decide the amounts that they should receive.

The President then “agrees and writes to inform the Speaker that yes, I’ve agreed to give Members of Parliament so and so. So, the only thing that Parliament does is to give out the