Here We Go Again: Lydia Forson Attacks Photographers and Bloggers

Lydia 7 Here We Go Again: Lydia Forson Attacks Photographers and BloggersThere seems to be some bad blood between actress Lydia Forson and Ghanaweb reporter, Victor Adeyemi who had previous exchanges on social media following an article on Lydia Forson kissing comedian, Funny Face.  Chech out the following article culled from Ghanaweb.

Lydia Forson went silent for a little while but it seems the whole industry isn’t going right according to the sexy plump Ghanaian actress.

Particularly her focus this time is on the industry’s photographers and bloggers, for whatsoever reason she feels isn’t to her favor. She feels they either snap her in a wrong way apart from how she poses. She feels they take her photographs and make them look funny. She feels that a blogger should sit down, scan through her album and pick the most impressing photograph. She also feels that if she doesn’t smile in a pose, the photographer or blogger must conjure a bright face to suit her.

Lydia is one of the few actresses in Ghana who is a social media friendly type but though not too interactive with her fans, she still finds time to go motivational. Before now she has become a toast to our screens and thus, every photographer will want to have a snapshot of her, but her prime insinuation in her own words on twitter is that, “why wud a photographer/blogger deliberately upload an unflattering picture. U focus on making someone look bad…” In that same text she reminds them that their work also looks bad.

Do you think that the ‘Scandal’ new entrée went unconventional with her choice of words or you think enough is enough with those (photographers/bloggers) who bring her to the limelight?