Go For Your Monies; Aseidu Nketia Is Splashing It On His Uncountable Girlfriends…Doctors Told

A former Member of Parliament for the Asokwa constituency, who recently collected his ex-gratia in full, has charged all aggrieved government workers who are on strike to continue with the industrial action until government decides to pay them their debts in full.

Hon. Maxwell Kofi Jumah called on the workers to direct their anger on the government and make sure government dips its hands into the same coffers where Mr. Asiedu Nketia placed his; to get enough monies to build houses for his uncountable girlfriends.

Mr. Jumah alleged on Okay FM that the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress was busily building mansions at prime locations for his girlfriends and splashing unimaginable cash on them.

Though he refused to name some of the women, Jumah accused Mr. Asiedu Nketia of flirting with women behind his legitimate wife. Maxwell Kofi Jumah gave a clue to listeners of Okay FM and revealed that it is an open secret that the NDC scribe was having fun with his numerous girlfriends.

He stated that one of General Mosquito’s girlfriends was the former deputy Ashanti Regional Minister.

He stated that the two had been enjoying themselves for some time now and the woman had benefited from the relationship because the NDC scribe had showered her path with Ghana’s money.“No one should pretend he or she doesn’t know about this”, he cautioned.

He ended by urging all government workers to beef up their strike action and ensure they collect back their monies from government.

“The NDC government has shared Ghana’s money amongst themselves. President Mahama is part of the scandal and I can confidently tell you that I have seen some of the houses Asiedu Nketia has put up at Oyarifa. He has also built some for all his concubines at Kumasi”, he said.