GMA Prez Advocates Stiff Penalty For Fake Drug Peddlers

THE PRESIDENT of Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Kwabena Opoku-Adusei has called for rigid punishment for persons caught indulging in the business of spurious, falsely-labeled, falsified counterfeit (SFLC) drugs, commonly called fake drugs, which pose health menace.

SFLC drugs, according to the GMA President, are drugs which do not have the active ingredients or do not give intended results after taking it.

Dr. Opoku-Adusei told The Chronicle in an interview that the use of such drugs could spell the doom for anyone and that those found guilty of dealing in their supply should be given stiff punishment to serve as a deterrent to anyone who has intention of joining the illicit transactions.

‘This SFLC has been in the system long ago, but technological advancements has made it so widespread that people can be in their houses, rooms, homes and other places and come out with all sorts of SFLC drugs’, he noted, mentioning that drugs which are prone to such canker are antibiotics, anti malaria and oxytoxic.

Dr. Opoku-Adusei  said those who deal in such drugs are the rich people who have big networks and connive with some border and port authorities, thereby registering with quality drugs only to sneak in sub-standards drugs onto the Ghanaian market, which he said could lead to deaths.

The GMA President urged the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA) and Food and Drugs Board (FDB) not to lose sight of expired food products such as sardines, corned beef, drinks and other food items which have flooded our market because they pose health hazard to consumers.

Dr. Opoku-Adusei, who doubles as the Medical Superintendent of the Suntreso Government hospital recommended that manufacturers of herbal drugs which have not been certified by the FDB and the Centre for Crop Research Institute (CCRIS) and yet are being advertised daily on our streets, on television and in radios should be made to face the full rigors of the law.

He also called on the Food and Drugs Authority, officials of the various Ports and Border, the various security agencies, the media and all Ghanaians to help fight this menace.

‘Health workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist and Chemical shops must also join in the crusade against eradicating SFLC drugs from the corridors of Ghana and beyond’, he advised.

Dr. Opoku-Adusei stated that FDA must conduct frequent post marketing surveillance to keep these SFLC people at bay from the Ghanaian market and further advocated that the FDB  should be well resourced to carry out its  legitimate core duties.’ he added.