Frustrated NSS board demands respect from Kuagbenu

Vincent Kuagbenu

Vincent Kuagbenu

The boss of the National Service Scheme Vincent Kuagbenu has come under fire from members of his own Board.

In a statement the board said it is “collectively frustrated” with the conduct of the NSS boss.

A member of the Board Dr David Persie told Joy News Kuagbenu has over the past four years taken unilateral decisions without the express authority from the Board.

Dr Persie cited the controversial decision by Mr Kuagbenu to draft graduates from the tertiary institutions into the direction of traffic.

The Scheme boss only recently came under pressure from a section of the public for taking that decision but he was unmoved and has decided to roll out the new policy in earnest.

But the Board members insist Mr Vincent Kuagbenu did not consult them before rolling the new policy.

Dr Persie noted it is the Board that spells out what the scheme should do; how it should be done and when it should be done.

He said even though it was the idea of the board to expand the farm project currently being ran by the scheme, Mr Kuagbenu has failed to update the board on the performance of the project so far.

He said all they hear is that 15 farms have been set up so far but they have no clue where the farms are sited.

He accused Mr Kuagbenu of putting together a strong PR outfit which does his bidding at all times.

He said all actions by the Board to check the activities by the NSS boss have been futile.

Meanwhile Vincent Kuagbenu has questioned the authenticity of the statement issued by the board.

A text message he sent to a journalist with Joy FM read: “Please. I am a member of the board of the Ghana National Service Scheme. I am not aware of any statement to the media. I am unable to comment on a statement that I cannot authenticate the true source.”