Doctors fire back at ‘propagandist’ govt

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) is raging with anger over government’s claims that ongoing strike by the GMA is illegal and insensitive. It rather accused the government of being the first to breach an agreement between the two and resorting to propaganda to counter the strike.

The Association embarked on strike action this week accusing the government of refusing to pay the doctors the current Market Premium on 2012 basic salary and other entitlements contrary to the ruling by the National Labour Commission.

The General Secretary of GMA, Dr Frank Serebuor maintained on Joy FM’s Top Story Thursday that nobody including the government can coerce them to suspend the strike action, without first bringing their concerns to a closure.

“We feel that we are on the right course…we are resolute in our standing until these arrears are paid,” he said, and warned the government against using propaganda to demonize the Ghana Medical Association.

“We feel that this propaganda which seek to demonize the members of the Ghana Medical Association to make us appear as if we are insensitive and don’t care about the people of Ghana is false,” Dr Serebuor said.

He is also threatening that the Association will elease correspondence between the two to expose government for lying to the public about the issues at stake.

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