Bukky Ajayi, Dele Odule, Ireti Doyle, Nobert Young star in movie adaptation of ‘The gods are not to blame’

By Olamide Jasanya

Gloria and Nobert Young

Gloria and Nobert Young, cast members…

Nollywood super actors, Bukky Ajayi, Norbert Young, Ireti Doyle and Dele Odule have teamed up with director Funke Fayoyin for a movie adaptation of the popular play, The gods Are Not To Blame.

The movie, titled ‘The gods Are Still Not To Blame’ tells the story of a queen mother (Carol King) who tries to save her new born from being killed as suggested by the diviner. The baby was discovered to have a bad destiny-to kill his father and marry his mother. Things however go awry when 28 years after, fate brings the child in contact with his destiny.

Produced by Byron Ene, the movie parades other actors including Funsho Adeolu, Yemi Eleuibon, Moji Olaiya, Bayo Alawiye, Omowumi Dada and Seun Akindele.

Here is the trailer

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