This Is Obscene – Sammy Awuku

Deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Samuel Awuku has questioned why government is able to give ‘big, big fat pay’ to his ministers when doctors and teachers are agitating for their salaries.

According to him, the NDC-led government “has created an animal farm situation where it is only government and its ministers who are receiving fat pays”

Awuku attributed the many strike action to the fact that the labour organisations are convinced that the government is taking them for a ‘fool’ because there is money which government can use in paying them.

“Government says there is no money yet they find money to give their ministers and deputy ministers four years back-dated pay. If the workers are watching and listening, knowing that they have arrears to be paid, don’t you think they will go on strike? They will not be willing to sacrifice…this is obscene. Government officials are receiving big, big, fat pay and you are paying other workers in trenches; asking them to sacrifice…” he posited.

Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Post newspaper had as its banner headline: “Money Galore! As NPP splashes millions of cedis on some leaders of striking doctors & teachers”

Awuku rubbished the front page story, saying that if you are in government and the opposition is controlling the large number on the labour front then the government is useless.

The Deputy Communications Director who was contributing to panel discussion on Peace FM’s morning show, Kokrokoo with host Kwami Sefa-Kayi, compared various reactions of government communicators on the issue of the strike action and added: “The utterances of government communicators make it difficult for the strikers to even return to their jobs. I do not see an end in sight if NDC and its communicators tow the line they are creating”.