Shake Up In Finance Ministry

A massive shake-up is rocking the very foundations of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. Sources at the Ministry say that at least six top people have been transferred in a move that is difficult to explain.

Mr. Romeo Adu-Tutu the Director-General of Administration has been transferred to the Ministry of Roads and Highways.

Veronica Sackey a Director has been pushed to the Ministry of Energy and the Chief Director, a Mr. Cobbina is on his way to the Ministry of Education.

Mr. Okere Nyarko, Director of External Resource has been asked to find his way to the Ministry of Defence.

Madam Mary-Ann Addo, also a Director of External Resource has been told that she will have to move out along with Mr. Abu Bonsra.

Some Civil Service sources told “The Insight” that many new Ministers are requesting for changes in personnel.

Personal loyalty and perceived party affiliation are believed to be some of the considerations in shifting top personnel around.