Production Operator MV21 – OFFSHORE at Top-notch Business Group Ltd

Location: Western Region

Job Title: Production Operator MV21 – OFFSHORE
Job Location: Takoradi, Western Region
The Production Operator’s function shall include, but may not be limited to the following, which may be revised from time to time as indicated by changes in operational requirements.
Key Objectives:
The Production Operator is responsible for operating the Facility’s process systems, associated equipment and utilities safely, with minimal environmental impact in accordance with legislation, class, flag and the Safety/Facility Management Systems.
Principal Accountabilities:
  • Be familiar with the Facility’s process plants safe operation and ensure that he has knowledge of safety requirements, including work permit systems, operational and emergency procedures, Company policy and instructions.
  • Ensure that all information entered in logs, reports, production records and AMOS is accurate and conforms to the Safety/Facility Management Systems.
  • Perform gas tests and isolations as per permit to work and safe entry permits specific to the process systems.
  • Carry out various laboratory analysis oil/water, SRB cultivation, cooling water tests, etc. in accordance with procedures.
  • Monitor and maintain chemical injection equipment and monitor dosage rates of process fluids/gas efficiently.
  • Monitor and operate meterskid including meter prove and skid flushing during offtake operations.
  • To carry out performance and compliance testing of wells and diagnosis and optimisation of process systems.
  • To perform oil quality testing when required.
  • Monitor pipework condition via corrosion probe readings and iron counts.
Hse responsibilities:
  • Be aware of and uphold company policy regarding “Health, Safety and Environment” and “Environmental Protection Policy”.
  • Working relationships:
  • Liaise with the Senior Process Technician for stores and spares and monitor consumption.
Qualification and Requirements
  • Experience as Production Operator on an FPSO, hydrocarbon processing or
  • Similar Facility with experience in the operation and maintenance of process equipment.
  • Experience with Safety Management Systems and Computerised
  • Maintenance Management Systems preferred.
  • Engineering trade, hydrocarbons production or other relevant qualification.
  • Good personal and interpersonal skills.
  • Training requirements for the position are as set out in the Safety Training Requirements for Offshore Personnel.

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