Parliament Reacts To Ex-gratia Story

Parliament has reacted to media reports that each member of the last Parliament was paid GH₵275,000 (₵2.7 billion) as ex-gratia for the four-year term.

The payment of a total package amounting to GH¢63.25million (₵630billion) has been denied by parliament, which said the payments did not cover only ex-gratia but salary arrears and other statutory payments.

A statement issued by the Director of Public Affairs of Parliament said, ‘Parliament wishes to state categorically that though MPs have received some payments effected in accordance with the requirements under articles 71 of the Constitution, these payments do not cover only ex-gratia. The payments also included salary arrears and other statutory payments.

‘Parliament wishes to further state that although these payments have been due as far back as 2009, they were never paid in bulk.’

According to the statement, the payments were received in four tranches, with the first installment paid in November 2012.

The statement said ‘Parliament would therefore like to state these facts in the hope that they would appropriately guide on-going discussions.’

By Cephas Larbi