Ministry Of Health Gives Directives For Doctor’s Strike…

The Ministry of Health has outlined guidelines to help reduce the effect of the doctor’s strike action.

They have directed all health facilities nationwide to ensure that there is availability of ambulances to assist emergency services in taking care of cases especially maternity services.

Speaking in an interview on Citi Eye witness news on Monday, Mr Tony Goodman, Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of health indicated that his ministry is working hand in hand with quasi government health facilities “to deal with the influx of patients as a result of the strike action. The ministry of health will continuously monitor the situation and ensure that all logistics needed are provided to litigate the effect of the strike action”

“These are some of the emergency measures we have put in place as a ministry: All heads of directives in all health facilities should be available during the period; heads of the various units should ensure that there is continuous emergency service including maternity services at all health facilities. The ambulance service should be on stand-by in all districts to support emergency services; all facilities should set up coordinating structures to manage emergencies and to ensure continuous linkage with the ambulance services and the nearest emergency unit…” he said.

He however accused the media of blowing the doctor’s strike action out of proportion. According to him, the impression should not be created that the doctors have totally withdrawn their services; because the doctors are still working.

“The media is blowing this strike action out of proportion; the medical officers have not withdrawn their services entirely. We should stop comparing regions and facilities to the other. When the media does this, what will happen is that the doctors who belong to a bigger association will withdraw their services…We are on the ground and we are monitoring situation and ensure that patients get the necessary health attention”, he added.