Maersk Ghana tops in liner trade

Business News of Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Source: B&FT


The highest performer in liner trade for 2012 was Maersk Ghana Limited, recording 1.53 million tonnes and representing over 17 percent of the total liner throughput.

MSCA Ghana Limited was the second highest performer with 1.1 million tonnes — 12.5 percent of the liner throughput — while Hull Blyth Ghana Limited was the next highest performer with 687,248 tonnes, making up7.75 percent of the total liner trade activity.

The least performers were Transglobal Shipping and Advance Maritime, who handled 2,290 tonnes and 688 tonnes respectively. Twenty-two shipping agents handled the over-5.92 million tonnes of dry bulk cargo in the year under review.

The highest performer was Hull Blyth with 2.18 million tonnes or over 36.9 percent of the total dry bulk trade. The second highest performer was Supermaritime with 1.79 million tonnes, representing 30 percent of the dry bulk trade for the period; Macro Shipping was the third highest performer with 711,495 tonnes, representing 12 percent of the dry bulk trade; while Damco Logistics came third with 200,760 tonnes.

The lesser performers in this category were Silver Maritime, Movis Ghana Limited, Ports Marine and MSCA Ghana Limited, with less than one percent. In the Liquid Bulk Trade category, Sea & Shore was the highest performer out of 18 shipping agents who handled over 4.17 million tonnes of trade.

Inchape Shipping Service handled the second largest share of the liquid bulk trade with 919,448 tonnes, or 22 percent of total liquid bulk trade. This was followed by Daddo Maritime Gh. Ltd. who handled the third largest share of 915,700 tonnes, or 21.9 percent of the liquid bulk trade.