Late President Mills’ family cries foul

General News of Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Source: Daily Guide

Mahama2 Mills Funeral

Relatives of late President John Evans Atta Mills have asked the ghost of the late president to hunt whoever has a hand in his death until they confess their sins.

They have consequently unleashed all 52 deities of Ekumfi to hunt the killers of their brother and son unless they own up. The Head of the Odomna family of his native hometown, Ekumfi Otuam, who is also the acting Chief of Ekumfi Gyinakoma, Nana Ogyaboafo VII, has threatened that “the killers have few months to confess the killing or die in a year.”

This was when the acting chief spoke to Accra-based Oman FM in an interview yesterday.

Although she claimed to have first prayed to the God in heaven for the truth about the speculations concerning the man’s death to come out, she noted that she also consulted the local deities and asked that “if our ancestors and all the gods of Ekumfi who were brought from Techiman exist, they should let us know who killed him”.

“When my uncle died, I did not sit down but went to all the deities in Ekumfi and asked them that if he died a natural death, then he should go and rest in peace but if not so his ghost should continue to hunt whoever may have killed him until he or she comes out for us to know the truth,” she noted.

Nana Ogyaboafo, therefore, stressed the firm belief that on or before the first anniversary celebration of the death of the late president, the truth would come out.

“Now I don’t know whoever may have killed my uncle but if God knows it wasn’t time for him to go and it was a fellow human being who took his life, the great God Himself will let the person confess by making him or her strip naked for all to see,” she emphasized.

In view of this, she indicated that “if you were behind this heinous crime and you cannot come out to openly confess your sins that I committed the crime, and you think you are hiding somewhere praying to God for forgiveness, then it’s your own problem; if not, you just call two or three members of the family and confess your sins so that they can also pray for forgiveness for the person”.

She has since advised the supposed ‘killers’ of late President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills to confess or suffer the consequence.

President Mills died on July 24, 2012, under very strange and bizarre circumstances giving room for wild speculations, some of which included claims of having been poisoned.

He was reported to have died at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra at about 2:15 pm that fateful day but speculations were that President Mills may have died at the then seat of government, the Osu Castle before being bundled into a vehicle.

Calls for Coroner’s Inquest to ascertain the cause of death had been resisted as government insisted that there was no need for it.