Football: Zinedine Zidane finances Rodez’s club

The former international French Zinedine Zidane brings his support to the formation of Rodez. World champion (1998) explains his approach for the club playing in the CFA by his relationship with leaders of the team and his will to participate in the development of training.

“At one point in his life, we need to do some things and I felt capable. But I’m not the only partner to invest. Our aim is the same: make live the best this club in the region. The Raf needs support. Beyond the financial aspect (the amount of the contribution has not been revealed), my commitment is sentimental; it is based on the human relationship with the leaders. I would be an active and reactive, “ said” Zizou “very happy with his presence in Aveyron.

The Franco-Algerian has also spoken on the Barcelona-PSG match. Zinedine Zidane supports the club from the French capital.

 ”I see a tough game for the Parisians, but having scored late in the game like that, it’s always interesting. It will be necessary to play for 90 minutes tirelessly for worry them. And the absence of Messi would necessarily be an advantage. But it will be difficult at the Nou Camp, ‘ he said.