Don’t succumb to doctors’ pressure else…Hospital Administrator

A Government Hospital Administrator has condemned medical doctors who have partly suspended their services in all government hospitals in protest against unpaid allowances.

Speaking exclusively to Maxx News’ Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie in Takoradi, the Administrator of the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Kusi Kwadwo Boachie stated that the strike is illegal and unnecessary and cautioned Government not to succumb to the doctors’ pressure but rather crack the whip on them.

The Administrator of the Western Region’s only referral facility warns that the entire health sector could be sitting on a time bomb if government gives in to the doctors’ demand whilst other groups in the sector are ignored.

He explained that the health sector is a system that has all other groups working collectively to achieve a common goal and thinks that doctors are seeking too much attention and being insensitive to the plight of the citizenry and other health staff.

Incensed with the ceaseless strike actions by doctors, the Administrator, also a Human Resource expert was more agitated by the fact that, most doctors in the government sector were running private hospitals and mostly shirk their responsibilities at the Government Hospitals.

He alleged that this situation has in some cases, led to the diversion of Government resources for use in private facilities.

He noted that per the rules of engagement, government doctors are to work for 56 hours a week, but that is not adhered to.

Mr. Kwadwo Boachie said government must be in total control of the sector and stand firm, or risk a collapse of the sector because all other groups will equally rise up if their conditions are not improved.

“My position is quite simple. The health sector is viewed as a system that is a set of inter-related activities working together to achieve a common goal. So in the health sector, the mortuary man is important, laboratory personnel, pharmacists and others are all important. So I am urging the Government not to succumb to their pressure but rather treat the health sector staff holistically to ensure that each person gets his or her share.

“I think the Government is not in control because what they are doing is illegal so I don’t know what all these labour agencies are doing. They should put their feet down. After all a lot of doctors don’t work. They are doing their own private jobs. This strike is to me unimportant. What if other professional groups also join the strike? It wouldn’t make any sense. About ninety percent of the doctors were trained with tax payers’ money so they are duty bound to serve the citizenry. They don’t have the right to collapse the system. Government should call a spade a spade and ask them to work. If they don’t want to work, they should apply the necessary sanctions “he stated.

He says doctors in the country were already earning enough with relatively good conditions of service compared to other public servants in the service who are poorly remunerated after decades of service.

“We the administrators equally have a lot of issues. The premium being paid to doctors, they didn’t give us even one percent of it. We have complained to the Fair Wages Commission and they are working on it. We are using the laid down procedures to get what is due us. We believe that we should allow the system to work so we have confidence in the Fair Wages Commission that they will settle us” he noted.