Check out Lil Wayne’s ‘Supra Spectrum’ sneakers

Lil Wayne1 Check out Lil Waynes ‘Supra Spectrum’ sneakersIn June 2012 skateboarding footwear company Supra announced that they were partnering with rap star Lil Wayne for a set of designer sneakers inspired and supervised by the Young Money boss. According to, Wayne’s new “Supra Spectrum” design is finally close to a release date, and photos of the skate shoes have surfaced online.

Lil Wayne and Supra’s latest collaboration are a set of high-top sneakers featuring several different colorways. Ideally, the Spectrums are constructed for both casual wear and for skating.

Previously, Supra debuted the mid-top Stevie Williams S1W last year. The S1Ws were a joint design effort between Wayne and the famous professional skater. Wayne was responsible for designing the colorway for Williams’ signature shoe.

“It’s dope,” said Lil Wayne about partnership with Williams. “It’s super dope. Stevie’s a legend, so to even be involved in anything Stevie’s doing is crazy, man—and then to be part of his shoe? Come on, man.”

This go around the YMCMB member is taking the lead on his own with the Supra Spectrums. The line, formerly named “Chimera,” does not have an official release date yet, but with the pics of the sneaks hitting the net it cannot be that long before Wayne’s new Spectrums are available at the Supra stores in New York City, Paris, and Santa Monica as well as the online store via the shoe company’s website.

Check out the designs for the new Lil Wayne Supra Spectrums and a promotional video for the Stevie Williams S1Ws.

 Check out Lil Waynes ‘Supra Spectrum’ sneakers
 Check out Lil Waynes ‘Supra Spectrum’ sneakers
 Check out Lil Waynes ‘Supra Spectrum’ sneakers