Central Regional Chairman of MUSIGA Exposed

George William Dickson

George William Dickson

Barely 126 hours after publishing a story, ‘Tension Mounts In MUSIGA’ on Thursday, April 4, 2013, BEATWAVES has received so many calls from some regional chairmen of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) who are unhappy about the story.

All six chairmen who did not want their identities disclosed pointed out one issue, which was that there was nothing like the caucus of regional chairmen as the Central Regional Chairman of MUSIGA, George William Dickson, sought to create the impression.

They also indicated they have not at any point in time, anywhere appointed Dickson as the spokesperson of the said caucus as he carried himself about.

One of the six said, during Ghana Music Week celebration some of them had some issues with arrangements made by the national office of MUSIGA regarding their accommodation and feeding and made their frustrations known.

This, he said, was communicated to the president who duly apologized and promised that it would not happen again. He indicated that on the issue of the Ghana Music Week, the central regional chairman raised the issue at a NEC meeting where the president of MUSIGA, Obour, directed anybody who wanted to know financial details of the programme to contact the finance officer of the union.

He stressed, ‘Indeed I very much remember the president showing us the budget document for the celebration of the week but Dickson did not bother to take even a cursory note. I was therefore surprised to hear him on radio and later in the newspapers that the President, Obour, is hiding something.

My brother if we would be very fair to ourselves, this young man (Obour) has done a lot of positive things for the union in just two years of his four-year term of office. Yes there may be issues but I don’t think this is the right way to go about things because at the end of the day, it’s the image of the union that we are fighting against and not the president because he would not always be president.’

The obviously embittered and worried George William Dickson said a circular has been sent to all chairmen informing them of his invitation to appear before MUSIGA arbitration committee, but refused to honour the invitation.

BEATWAVES gathered that the chairmen are not happy with Dickson’s refusal to appear before the arbitration committee. One of them stressed that if indeed Dickson had genuine issues to engage, why he would decline the invitation for arbitration, an internal mechanism put in place to address challenges such as his.

‘You see when you do such things it points out clearly that your intent is not to correct a perceived wrong but take advantage of an opportunity to champion your personal issues. That is the impression I get. My question is, so do we continue addressing our internal issues public? Is that what Dickson wants us to do? I shudder to say that is not appropriate and therefore entreat him to engage internal channels of arbitration,’ he said.

He opined: ‘Yes we all have a right to speak to the media anytime just as I am doing now, but the issue is, what are we communicating?’ He pointing out that one issue that really hit him was the unnecessary dramatization that his (Dickson’s) life is under threat.

‘For goodness and posterity sake, let’s not try to destroy people because they offered themselves to serve. Any of us can become president tomorrow and is this how we want to be treated? MUSIGA has really come a long way and we have all agreed to put behind us this age long acrimony of always suspecting wrong doing by our leaders. Why can’t we, for once, think positive? Dickson should give us the numbers carrying the alleged death threats so the leadership would hand it over to national security. Why on earth would anyone think like that? It’s not fair’.

He indicated that he has been carefully monitoring the media and has realized that Dickson has created a platform for some known detractors to the president to fight their parochial interest especially on radio and TV. I don’t want to mention names but there is this TV presenter whose programme on Saturdays would not air if a swipe is not taken at our president.

Apart from these two who spoke at length and poured their frustrations, the remaining four were of the view that the Central regional chairman should be made to name where and when the regional chairmen caucus was formed and who elected him as spokesperson. Their concern was that some members in their respective regions were unhappy with them because of the issue and wanted their names cleared so Dickson must come clean: ‘We are uncomfortable being labelled us enemies of progress by our membership because people are very impressed with the work of the president thus far.’

They said since a story on the matter was published it would be proper to get Dickson to name and show when and where the caucus was formed and who agreed he becomes a spokesperson for the group.

By George Clifford Owusu