AFAG set for April 18 demo; vows to crush counter demo

Pressure group Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has set Thursday, April 18, 2013 as new date for its much awaited demonstration against government.

The group agreed on the new date after several consultations with the police.

The “mi eku” or ‘we are dying’ demonstration suffered several postponement after the police raised objections to the route the demonstrators planned on using.

On Tuesday, the head of Operations for AFAG, Abu Ramadan told the media all is set for the demonstration on April 18.

“John Mahama and his administration should stop the propaganda style of governance and concentrate on fixing the real issues that confront us as a country.

“Under his watch Ghana today can be likened to a child who has lost control on a tricycle descending a slope.

He said the demonstration is to protest what he described as the deplorable conditions Ghanaians have been plunged into by the Mahama administration.

Ramadan, who is also the Youth Organiser of the PNC said the demonstration is to bring to the fore the many corrupt activities in government circles.

“On the 18 of April all well meaning Ghanaians who feel the hardships and don’t endorse the massive corruption going on are being given the platform to join the mi eku demonstration,” he stated.

He vowed that AFAG will crush any group which dares to embark on a counter demonstration on the same day.

According to him, they have information that a group is planning to stage a counter demonstration and warned they will not tolerate any such group on the day of the demonstration.

“That day any group that dares to counter what we are doing to cause mayhem, we are going to crush them.

“We won’t countenance any acts of violence on the day of the demonstration,” he warned.