Strange but true: This man spent 7 years in mother’s womb by the time he was born, he had his teeth intact

His Royal Majesty, High Chief Augustine Adegunloye BoladeHe is an herbalist, yet he claims he is also a spiritualist. Many refer to him as Egbeji, some others call him prophets because he also prophesies. He is His Royal Majesty, High Chief Augustine Adegunloye Bolade, the proprietor of St. Augustine Healing home, Lagos. Born 64 years ago, the alternative medicine practitioner stayed for seven years in his mother’s womb before he was miraculously delivered. His birth was a shock as he came to the world with all his milk teeth intact in his mouth.

Bewildered, his parents abandoned him near the river where he was delivered. It was a brave hunter on an hunting exercise that found him and took him home. He was nursed by the hunter during which he learnt about the use of herbs. Even then he had his own strange behavior. As luck would have it he met with his parents again and they were reunited. Giving his strange story, the parents were preparing him for a seminary but Augustine ended up in India to become an Occultist and astrologer. He told his strange life story in this encounter with TAIWO JIMOH

I am Augustine Adegunloye, the Egbeji of Nigeria, my background is a full story, and it is but a mystery. I spent seven years in my mother’s womb before I was born. I was born with my set of teeth intact. So I was thrown away and abandoned by my parents but I was picked up by a hunter. Later, my people got me back from him. I attended primary school and secondary school. I also went to Radio and life transmission school in old Bendel State now Delta State. I did telecommunication; I have my City and Guilds certificate in London, in telecommunication.

I also joined the Nigerian Police Force for a short time. I left the force as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). I went to Celestial Church of Christ at Ede in Osun State. One day after praying, one of the elders at the church sprinkled water on me and I started rolling on the ground, so the people started complaining: “We did not know that this man has witchcraft we wouldn’t have allowed him into the church”.

Immediately I stood up and started prophesying for late Baba Oshoffa whom I have never seen in my life. He was the head of Celestial Church of Christ then, so later, I was posted from there to Makoko in Lagos. I remained in Celestial Church before I travelled to India in 1980.1 went to Metaphysics Science School, I also went to Rovins Astrology School and later I attended a university. In the university, I studied metaphysics, voodoo, and occultism. Later I returned from India on completion of my studies and settled in Maroko. Then the Federal Government of Nigeria picked me to handle a programme on television called Panasomia.

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