Reduce Airfares Now—Transport Minister Orders Airline Operators

Transport Minister, Dzifa Attivor has directed all airlines operating in the country to with immediate effect reduce airfares.

Ghana records one of the highest air fares in the world as compared to those charged by other countries for flights travelling the same number of hours.

The airlines have blamed the soaring rates to high taxes and the cost of aviation fuel in the country.

Prices of domestic air fares shot up some months back following the shortage of aviation fuel.

But transport minister Dzifa Attivor told Citi Business News, government has reduced the cost of the commodity to airline operators and they must reciprocate the gesture by reducing air fares.

One liter of aviation fuel used to be 1 dollar 29 cents there about but it is now 1 dollar 3 cents that a massive reduction.

“We expect airlines to also reciprocate because they have always lamented that the component of fuel is about 35 percent globally but in Ghana it was about 42 percent so we needed to do something about it so we operate within the same regime and that’s what we have done now. So they should also reciprocate and reduce their fares and am going to be serious about it,” she said.