President Mahama has no shares in AGAAMS Group-Office of Prez

The Office of President has denied a Daily Guide publication of Thursday, April 4, implicating the President of owning shares in the AGAAMS Group of Companies managing the SADA project.

According to a statement signed by the Executive Secretary to the President, Dr. Raymond Atuguba, the publication captioned: “NDC hot over 470 billion cedis SADA trees, guinea fowls” insinuates that the President, in his personal capacity, owns shares in AGAAMS Group or is in some type of business partnership with the Group.

It reiterates that President John Mahama has no personal or business interest in AGAAMS Group of Companies.

Subsequently, the Chief of Staff has directed the Minister at the Presidency in-Charge of Development Authorities to, in consultation with the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) Board, to present a report on the projects that were the subject matter of the said publication within two weeks.

The Office of the President is hopeful the Daily Guide newspaper will give this statement the same prominence as its publication of Thursday April 04, 2013.