Negative Peoples party (NPP )

Feature Article of Monday, 8 April 2013

Columnist: Tamakloe, Kojo

Can we develop this way?

“ A child learns to praise when he is praised” . “ If you live with insults , you learn to insult” . I wonder if it is our culture or the school system that is what makes us lack the spirit of innovation . With my little scientific background I like to make connections . 56 years after independence we still import tooth picks and mowers , in spite of all our PHDs .We cannot manufacture anything but insults. It seems some people take pride and glory in insults. Perhaps we should institute an insult competition I am beginning to realize it is from too much negativity in our system .

So I turned to Ghana web just to see if my hypothesis is true . It looks like there are people who have a low self esteem, negative complex, and a load of frustration which daily they must pour out . Or is it their mark of civilization or Christianity. I feel confused when people praise themselves for being Christian and civilized and with high self esteem and highly educated but use words as below
patience my foot , tell the lying murderous incompetent fool of an idiot to resign. you sit there and are blind to the atrocities , corruption , tribalism and the rest of the evils of this world that are the mark of the beast called ndc. you make it sound so trivial and put it down to partisan politics but the fact remains even a goat would do a better job , we will certainly expose them for what they truly are and do so in such a manner that never again will such characters be given the opportunity to make our lives bleak and miserable
Another fool of a cheif. Give the some cash. A couple of bottles of rum. And they can sell their wives to u.

How long has Mahama being in power since the time of Prez Mills?. We no go sit down and shut our mouths and Ghanains we die before foolish Bad Ghana Agenda works . We Mahmas are chopping all SNNIT money for pensioners and our brothers buying five private jets and Nketia buying 100 tipper tricks. Shut up senseless Ohene, are you in Ghana or we bought you Range Rover so that you talk for us Yebe diii keke
God is present every where, allow the. Northerners and ewes chop innocent Ghanaians money they will vomit one day, it will be very soon
Never let this case die. We want the trees planted and if people have used money allocated to build houses we would confiscate the house and send them packing from Ghana

This man Mahama will die before the verdict,He is the most useless President ever in Ghana history, why did he want to be President at all.
You have only one choice, whether your opepeni kronfo3 akonfem President will step down quietly or yoYes Mahama said we should cast our votes well so as not to be ruled by a fool, here we go the big foolish mahama. Ruling the country messing things up. He thinks Ghana is bole bamboi ,a corrupt and incompent man.forkoff and give way to experience person to clear your messu may wish for a civil war?
we will certainly expose them for what they truly are and do so in such a manner that never again will such characters be given the opportunity to make our lives bleak and miserable . last year they said the chinese or koreans now its supposed to be the world bank and
Are you dumb foool sick? Limann did not change the watchman tag of the Northerners and Mahama is the worst thing to happen to Northerners. The problem with Northerners is that, they are too tribalistic and emotional they act on impulse without reasoning. SADA is supposed to help the poor in the North but see how the Northern Elites have stolen what is meant to help the poor over there and let anybody accuse these Northern thieves and the poor Northerners will turn up in their numbers defending them


Adofo Rockson is not a trokosi so he doesn’t drink akpeteshie like you and your father.He take’s good liquor if he drinks .How on earth will he live in England and drink ogoglo ,more over he is not NDC
No wonder this happened in the Volta Region where NDc hooligans resides. I dont care if they kill themselves. Because Ghana will lose nothing. You can go to hell if you think what I am saying is not rightYou can only have this unchristian, backward behaviour from an Ewe school. This can never happen in Aburi Girls, Krobo Girls, Wesley Girls, Holy Child, or St Roses. Do we expect anything good from these Ewe girls and their menfolks in the future ?.

They may only rig elections, loot or woyomise our funds, and even stage coup detats in future,

So can these be an alternative government?3 I was of the opinion political parties stand for different ideologies and nothing personal . But it seems in our case it is more of a power struggle . It is said “ two heads are better than one’ , that gave us the beautiful Ananse story about the man who thought he had called all the knowledge in the world and was about to put it on top of a tall tree but ad the bag in front preventing him from climbing . We all know the rest .Unfortunately for some people opposition means only one thing or another tribe or hatred or envy . Where then lies our objectivity ? Even Siamese twins have differences of opinion at times , how much more so people of divergent life experiences. It is said “ a child who has never travelled thinks his mothers stew is the best” .

Ghana came into existence in 1957 about 56 years ago. We have had different people at the top . So luckily we have the records to show.1957 -1966 under the Western Show boy . Nkrumah eh , Kwame show boy , I want to see you Kwame Nkrumah show boy. Indeed he was a show boy who was in a hurry to transform and he has left us a lot , some destroyed which some people who because of their conservative nature were afraid of change refuse to acknowledge . Their contribution then was bomb throwing and assassination attempts and everything to stop progress Luckily from 1969 to 1972 they came in . The 1st NPP under the august leadership of Professor Dr Kofi Busia . What did we get ? mass unemployment as all the foundation laid by Nkrumah was destroyed . Devaluation, Structural Adjustment, Retrenchment , Aliens Compliance order. As the parliamentarians could not communicate in English they said they wanted Twi as the national language . The only problem was ,which version of Twi ? They could not agree on that, so it was abandoned .It was “ paradise lost” . Cocoa farms left unattended. Factories left desolate and we went on “Chicken Run” as every body ran helter skelter out of the country for “ greener pastures’ . It reminded me of the poem “ The deserted village”. People had to eat and feed their families so they followed the Aliens and became aliens . They cried to the White masters to come to our aid and they would not. They moaned about having democracy but it would not feed us. We wondered what their big educational titles were for, Dr this and Dr that , but they could not sort out any problems .Still they mocked us “ verandah boys” . Still we compared with the past . How could the “uneducated verandah boys “achieve so much and the” well read” are struggling? My friend used to remind of the professor who used to boast about his qualifications. One day as they crossed a river the boat capsized . The boat boys swam ashore and Prof was heard crying for help and the boat boys laughed “ prof , do you not know “boatiology”, prof do you not know’ swimiology?’ . And it came to pass that in their arrogant helplessness a Col Kutu Acheampong relieved them of the misery .

Come 2001 they were back to power with a philosophy of “ property ownership” . Sure we owned property in Sodom & Gomorrah. They talked of Bui dam but took no action. Not that it was an original idea but that of Nkrumah . Soon the State Lands were now owned by them . It was China , China as they looted .China they had condemned as “ communst” . So they labeled them “ Ali babaa & the 40 thieves” . The systems that were built by the hated “ ofiri Jato” were torn down . If Busia was tribalistic and xenophobic , they were worse . By the time they left , Ga Youth were on the war path, Ahanta youth were on the war path,Asante youth were on the war path . “ ma te me ho reigned supreme . Where there was airways from the Show boy era now there was none . Where there was a bridge it was looted . TOR instead of two was tottering on the brink of collapse and so was GCB . Corruption was now institutionalized . Justice system with it . Everything is now viewed through tribal eyes and labeled party affiliation .

Now the tussle over Nana Akuffo Addo . Can we ask what he has achieved in his many years in public service or life ? Or that is envy or jealousy . Then there are questions about drug use, schools attended, qualifications earned or not earned . It does not matter , he has a “ magic wand “ that he will use to transform the country. So why could Busia not do it , or more recently “ the gentle giant Kufour’? He travelled far and wide to get investments but they could not come . Why could he not use the wise heads around him ? Basics . He left with many uncompleted projects and with a debt to GDP ratio of 14.5% . Inflation at 18.5% and bank rate at 24.5% . So we ask , what will Nana do differently ? Free SHS will not grow the economy nor create jobs . Graduates are unemployed, corruption is high, most economies outside are growing slowly , NPP cannot work with our sister countries
NPP and Nana Akuffo Addo , stop the noise and tell us how and what instruments you will use to solve Ghana, s problems

The writer Kojo Tamakloe is an Nkrumaist , who believes African Unity is the solution to our underdevelopment