Mahama Deliberately Wants The Judicial Service To Go On Strike To Delay Supreme Court Ruling

A member of the NPP communication team says there is a deliberate attempt by the NDC government to ensure that they do not pay the monies of the Judicial Service staff so the petition against the legitimacy of President Mahama before the Supreme Court delays.

Asante Yeboah explained that the judicial service workers have written to the government on their salary arrears dating as far back as February 2, 2013; adding that the arrears they are demanding for is not much but the government has not done anything about it since they want to see the judiciary go on strike for their own gain.

Speaking on Okay FM, he said that the destiny of the country depends on the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling as all Ghanaians are patiently waiting for the court to decide on the 2012 election results petition.

Recounting on the current plight of the country, the NPP communicator said that Ghana is gradually failing as everything in the country is at a standstill.

He added that the money which has been given to support the northern regions to fight the level of poverty has been squandered in the name of SADA Azontaba guinea fowl and tree planting projects; stressing that the people who are already in the guinea fowl rearing business have been chased out as the leaders of the project have asked the local farmer to sell their guinea fowls to them.

He reiterated that the centre of the country is actually not holding because the integral working forces are all on strike against the government, asking for their salary arrears and better working conditions.

According to him it is strange that in the midst of the difficulties, President Mahama could solicit for funds to sponsor pastors’ trip to Jerusalem as he should have used the same skills to raise funds to settle the arrears of teachers and other workers who are bemoaning their outstanding amount.