Lagos counsels residents over outbreak of measles


FOLLOWING reported outbreak of measles in some states, the Lagos State Government, weekend, advised residents to be vigilant and report any suspected cases, dead or alive, to the nearest health facility in the state or the directorate of disease control in the state Ministry of Health without delay.

Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris who spoke on behalf of the government, explained that the reported outbreak of the disease called for immediate action.

He said there was need for mothers and caregivers to take measures that would reduce the risk of their children contracting the disease.

Such measures include: exclusive breastfeeding of babies for the first six months, routine immunization of children and ensuring that the schedule is completed by the child’s first birthday (measles vaccine at 9 months), ensuring the administration of Vitamin A from the age of six months, and keeping of a sick child at home, away from school and play, to rest and prevent infecting other children.

He said “If measles is suspected in any child, his/her mother or caregiver should ensure regular and thorough hand washing of her hands, ensures that such a child receives vaccine before leaving the hospital if not covered with immunization, cleanse all contaminated materials and objects including toys, return to the hospital for follow up while health workers are advised to be on the alert and report more than usual cases of measles in their facilities to the Ministry of Health.”

Idris explained that immunization was key to the prevention of the disease stressing that people who did not to vaccinate their children put other children at risk and urged the people to take responsibility for their health and call 08160070600 or 08023213333 for any case of the disease.

He added that“Signs and symptoms of suspected measles include high fever, cough, runny nose and red eyes. The appearance of whitish spots in the mouth and rashes that spreads from the head to the rest of the body strongly suggests measles,” Idris stated.

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