Interview: Midfielder Bennard Kumordzi Talks About Genk’s Title Chances

Posted On Monday, 8th April 2013

Ghana midfielder Kumordzi has targeted success in the play-offs

Ghana midfielder Kumordzi has targeted success in the play-offs

The 28-year-old Ghana international midfielder talks about KRC Genk’s chances in the Belgian play-offs and says the South African Premier Soccer League is tempting.

In an exclusive interview, he tells about his ambitions for the coming seasons.

GSN: You have scored some important goals and had an excellent first season with Genk, what’s your impression?

BK: I didn’t expect a good season like this because I missed the important periods of the season which is the pre-season training which is very important but by the grace of God I was able to work hard and catch up with my team mates.

And also Genk is a good team with quality players so it helped me adopt fast.

GSN: You’re still in the play-off, how do you assess Genk’s chances? Do you think Genk stand a chance of winning against sides like Anderlecht?

BK: I think we have chance because before the play-offs we were 7 points behind Anderlecht but we beat them 1-2 in the first game so now it’s only 3 points difference with 8 games to go.

GSN: In the Europa League, you also did well but were kicked out by Stuttgart. How was the feeling?

Bennard Kumordzi has been impressive for Genk

Bennard Kumordzi has been impressive for Genk

BK: It was the first time Genk made it past the group stage of Europa League competition so the team was satisfied even though we were eliminated.

GSN: After playing in the Europa League, are you hoping to go up the pecking order and play in the Champions League next season?

BK: Yes we are hoping for CL spot but all depends on how the play off goes. We need to be 1st or 2nd place.

GSN: You’re 28 now, what’s your general ambition ?

BK: I’m praying for good health so I can have a great season next year then I will see what happens.

GSN: Where next after Genk and Belgiun?

BK: I don’t know yet but the South African league is tempting

GSN: South Africa ??

BK: Yes! South Africa. The league is tempting and I think I would like to play there one day.

GSN: What’s your coach’s impression about your output?

BK: For now the coaches and the officials are impressed and want me to continue this way. Yes of cause they want me to stay I have 2 more years on my contract after this season and they want me to stay.