Hippos Chase NDC Lawyer

Kwabla Dogbe Senanu

Kwabla Dogbe Senanu

Kwabla Dogbe Senanu, the intriguing lawyer who made headlines for sleeping and snoring aloud at the Supreme Court during one of the sittings in the ongoing Presidential Election petition, over the weekend stormed the Nigerian-based Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) of Prophet T.B. Joshua where he made some jaw-dropping revelations.

Lawyer Senanu, during the church service that was telecast live to a worldwide audience on satellite channel Emmanuel TV, and rebroabcast on some local channels, told T.B. Joshua he was a troubled man who could not sleep at night because he often saw a big hippopotamus chasing him violently anytime he closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep at night.

Interestingly, Mr. Senanu said he did not see this big violent hippopotamus during the day and explained further that this made him sleep at odd places and times, even when he was driving or in court to represent a client.

The lawyer, who was counsel for the 327 persons that applied to the Supreme Court to be allowed to join the ongoing Presidential Election petition, confessed to TB Joshua that he resided at Tema and drove on the Tema-Accra Motorway to work every morning, but because of his habit of sleeping behind the steering-wheel, he had been involved in close to about 80 different road accidents within a short period.

Lawyer Senanu, with his wife, had gone to TB Joshua’s church, the Synagogue Church of All Nations, to be purged of his troubles and he told the Prophet that after the deliverance, he slept like a baby.

The senior lawyer further told TB Joshua that his problems were so severe that there were times he could not read his own handwriting in court, although he had personally gone through what he had written and prepared very well before entering the courtroom.

Recounting the famous incident during which he slept at the Supreme Court instead of acting as counsel for some 327 National Democratic Congress (NDC) activists, Lawyer Senanu said it was one of his several courtroom-sleeping dramas.

He said on that fateful day, he suddenly fell asleep in court during the hearing for the application and was dreaming when he faintly heard the voice of one of the Supreme Court Justices, Justice Dotse, speaking from afar.

Lawyer Senanu said eventually when he was woken up from his deep sleep and asked a few questions in relation to the case, he fumbled, becoming a laughing stock in court because he did not know what to say.

In what seemed like an attempt by lawyer Senanu to convince the Prophet that he was speaking the truth, he brought out a copy of a Daily Graphic publication that reported the sleeping-in-court episode.

The Ghanaian lawyer said he was sure ‘spirits’ were tormenting him and not allowing him to perform well as a qualified legal practitioner.

The troubled lawyer said he wanted to be delivered of his problems so he could effectively contribute to the legal team of the (NDC) so as to win the court case.

By Halifax Ansah-Addo