GHC¢49m Ex- Gratia: Socialism Is Why You’re Angry; Capitalism Is…

The 49milllion dollars ex-gratia paid to MPs is a scandal that betrays the rotten nature of the aims and priorities of governance.

Which kind of parents would use a bag of corn for wine when the family has no kenkey on the dining table?

Better still, which mother would eat the only ball of kenkey when her children have nothing to eat?

There is this uninformed talk that political ideology is no more relevant. Interestingly fraudulent theories are being invoked to rationalize the greed of members of Ghana’s parliament.

That is the whole purpose of capitalist and all reactionary ideologies: rationalize the repression and oppression of the many by the few; the defense of privilege and theft!

It is capitalism that makes Kofi Jumah think teachers and doctors can’t compare themselves to MPs?

It is capitalism that makes President Mahama believe payment of political elites should be and must be a priority over doctors and teachers.

It is capitalism that makes our NDC/NPP predators insensitive to our plight.

It is capitalism that makes some argue that so far as the stealing is ‘constitutional’ they see nothing wrong.Just over two decades ago, apartheid was ‘constitutional’.

It is socialist thought that makes you angry about the stealing and reckless spending of our NDC-NPP political elite.

It is socialist faith that makes you stop and wonder if this is what muIti-party democracy is all about; to reward politicians at the expense of ordinary citizens?

It is socialist consciousness that makes you act to stop our leaders.
It is capitalism that makes our leaders choose themselves over you.
It is capitalism that makes them pay themselves fat and full and ask workers to come later and callously tell pensioners to wait for another 6 years to access their retirement benefits.

Capitalism is about the pursuits of a few at the expense of the many and the exploitation of the vulnerable.

Socialism is about common ownership, common purpose and a sense of fellow feeling.

Ideology is at the heart of everything we do.

In Ghana, our political landscape presently appears fumbled with two dominant political parties that have succeeded in confusing themselves as to what sort of political ideology they pursue. Some say they are social democrats, others say they are property owning democrats.

In essence, however, these two parties, through their policies and actions, have proven to be nothing other than puppets of neoclassical capitalism.

As a matter of fact, no true socialist party will encourage what is going on in Ghana today.

I urge Ghana to choose socialism, scientific socialism, so that we can judiciously utilize our resources to the benefit of all and sundry, rather than allowing a set of constitutional marauders framed as the political elites to feed fat on our resources.