Ex-Gratia Saga: Don’t Envy Us, Our Debts Are As High As Mountain Afadjato

Member of Parliament for Lower West Akyem constituency in the Eastern Region, Hon. Gifty Klenam, has advised the general public not to envy the work of a parliamentarian since it is a profession that transforms a person into a borrowing machine in order to survive.

The Lower West Akyem law maker told Accra based Okay FM that it was intriguing to learn that quite a number of people felt that it was undeserving for MPs who have duly served their term in parliament to receive their ex-gratia payments.

She disclosed that though many saw the legislators riding in luxurious air conditioned cars, she could confidently state that they were sitting on fire and feeling the heat they never dreamt of in life. She continued that the life of an MP is based on continuous borrowing in order to fulfill the enormous demands of their constituents.

“Yes we are given Land Cruisers but it is not as glamorous as you see it. It is nice to ride in it but we know the heat and pressure it comes with. Right from the day we are given the car, we are forced to pay the price.

Hon. Gifty Klenam also noted that some MPs had accumulated debts which was as high as Mountain Afadjato which is the highest mountain in Ghana. “I pity those MPs who couldn’t make it back into parliament…. They owe debts as high as Mountain Afadjato”, she said.