Earl Ankrah Is A Liar…He ‘Needs To Be Evaluated’ – GMA Chief Scribe

Dr Justice Yankson, General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has thrown caution to the wind, saying that Earl Ankrah, head of Public Affairs of the Fair Wages and Salary Commission (FWSC), ‘needs to be evaluated’.

“I think people like Earl Ankrah needs to be evaluated seriously. They are the cause of all our problems and need to be checked and spoken to. They have developed the habit of just coming on air and basically tell lies to the people of Ghana,” Dr Yankson told Kwami Sefa-Kayi in an interview on Monday morning.

According to him, Earl as the Head of Public Affairs of FWSC, should have educated the public ‘instead of lying to them and saying things that will appease only his ears.’

Dr. Yankson’s outburst follows Earl Ankrah’s assertion that the GMA has no case but if they still insist, they can go to court.

Expatiating more on the issue of their strike action, Dr Yankson said their only problem is not just the market premium.

“The issue today is not only about market premium, and it is not that doctors have rejected the ruling given by the NLC… What we are saying is that the GMA since 2011 have been having problems with FWSC. We’ve been to NLC; we’ve gone through virtually every single process. Earl Ankrah doesn’t want to talk about the fact that they have reduced the pension contributions of doctors; that is what we want corrected”.

He indicated that there is a ruling from the National Labour Commission that FWSC has erred and so should put heir house in order; hence ‘the problem is the FWSC and not the NLC’.

“We cannot continue this way…this approach of solving our issues should end because we are law-abiding. We are the only labour group that has gone through all the processes…” he indicated.

Reacting to the perception that the doctors are holding the country to ransom, he added: “It’s unfortunate that people will think we are holding the country to ransom; people should be fair to doctors. We do so much for the nation and we don’t complain. Let’s get this straight; we are not asking for anything new, we are not even asking for pay increment or anything. All we are saying is that the little that we have all agreed on; just give us that.”