Disrespecting A Health Worker Incurs God’s Curse…No Matter The Person’s Position

President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Kwabena Opoku- Adusei, has launched a scathing attack on government for disrespecting medical practitioners and deliberately failing to meet their demands which resulted in doctors resorting to a strike action.

He underscored that medical practitioners were not calling on government to give them all of the nation’s money or increase their pay; but to simply pay them according to what the law states.

“We’re not calling on them to increase our pay or add something to it; all we are saying is that after they have evaluated our works they should pay us according to that”, he petitioned.

The president of the association told Okay FM that though this current government has what it takes to settle their debts, the central government has intentionally decided not to honour doctors by paying them their remuneration.

According to him, the Bible makes it clear in the book of Ecclesiastes that anybody who disrespects a health worker would incur the wrath and curse of God no matter the position that fellow occupies.

Paraphrasing the text from Ecclesiastes, Dr. Opoku–Adusei stated that “before Jesus Christ was born, the good book advised people to render respect and honour to the doctor because their service is invaluable”.

“The government simply disrespects us and feels they can hire people to replace us because our work is not important. We work and they refuse to pay us and decide to obey the laws in their own time. Government agencies don’t regard laws set by the Labour Commission and the central government does same.”