DAIN Network to organize Free Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Training for Agribusiness

Farmers 2n

Farmers 2n

Accra, April 7, GNA – DAIN Network is organizing a Free Entrepreneurship Boot camp Training for Agribusiness startups in Accra, from April 23rd – 24th.

The target groups include entrepreneurs, farmers, startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are into agribusiness.

A statement issued by DAIN Network and made available to the Ghana News Agency over the weekend said the training would be offered by Nii Simmonds, the co-founder of DAIN.

It stated that DAIN’s Boot camps were designed for the average person on the street who needs help, to scale an idea or business in the agribusiness verticals in Africa.

It said the Boot camps teach the average entrepreneur how to build a sustainable agribusiness venture using various critical-thinking exercises and business frameworks, adding that, there would be a lot of group activity focused on getting entrepreneurs to think outside the box.

It said a first-time entrepreneur with an idea to scale into a business, would probably need mentorship and advise, and some startup capital — banks, angels, friends or family members — ‘to give you funding.’

The statement added that DAIN Agribusiness entrepreneurship Boot camp could help; noting that ‘the sole purpose of this Boot camp was to teach people how to think critically – more specifically, thinking outside the box to address a market opportunity.’

It said furthermore, DAIN would give opportunity to participants to interact with mentors, who would give them some input on scaling a business, and pitching it to potential partners and investors.

The statement said issues or resource gaps in an idea would be addressed and answers developed to the tough questions investors or partners would ask before capital would be handed over to participants.

It said most participants of DAIN’s past Boot camps were looking at building and scaling value-addition enterprises, enterprises that could be household names in someone’s fridge or cupboard – but to also help alleviate the food security situation.

‘The venue for the two-day event would be announced in due course,’ the statement said.

It urged interested participants to go online for free registration at: http://dainnetwork.eventbrite.com/#

The DAIN Network was created in 2010 by Nii Simmonds and Kaushal Jhalla. They have been involved with African Diaspora engagement for years; after a series of successful events and gatherings, they decided to team up and launch a network focused on getting Africans in the Diaspora engaged with entrepreneurship in the agriculture sectors – to help alleviate the food crisis in Africa.

Nii Simmonds is a recognized speaker and consultant on African entrepreneurship/SME development and innovation in Africa. He is a proven leader and manager, with over 10 plus years of experience in private and public sectors. GNA