COMMENT: President must apologise for inconsistency on end of load-shedding

General News of Monday, 8 April 2013

Source: I.Before World Ghana

The President of Ghana, H.E John Dramani Mahama has not told Ghanaians the truth on the real end of the power outage. In politics and governance, truth is always key and paramount for sustainable development.

Last year, October 2012, President John Mahama described the infamous ‘dum so dum so’ as an art of God, meaning, he has no power to control it immediately unless with spiritual intervention. He went further to promise to good people of Ghana that by November the ‘dum so dum so’ will stop by November 2012.

Again, on December, he promised Ghanaians that the ‘dum so dum so’ would end on January 2013. January 2013 came and past. Now,the next promise for Ghanaians from our dear President,H.E John Dramani Mahama is on March 2013. March 2013 came and past.

The next promise we had from President John Mahama was April. As a Civil Society Group, we have no doubt than to believe the words of the President of Ghana, though we know very well that he has not told us the truth on the ‘dum so dum so’.

As members of I.Before World Ghana, we would humbly like to ask the President and Government of Ghana that, why do we keep on hearing different dates on the ‘dum so dum so’? Is the President not really in charge of the nation and that is why he is not having accurate and precise information on the ‘dum so dum so’ and other national issues? Again, Is Mr President getting wrong information from ‘lieutenants’ on the ‘dum so dum so’? We leave these questions to good people of Ghana and for posterity to judge.

As Ghanaians, we demand an unqualified apology to the President we elected to lead us. The President and the Government of Ghana MUST come out and apologise to Ghanaians for not telling us the truth on the actual period that the infamous ‘dum so dum so’ will end.

Ghana and Ghanaians deserve the best.