Chris Brown – The African American tragedy

Chris Brown – The African American tragedy

“Police PR Cephas Arthur in an attempt to explain actions by the police, asked if Ghanaians can say they have not done this (the smoking of marijuana) before. He said we must take the log out of our eyes, and then we will see clearly to take the speck out of our brother’s eye”. Ghanaweb

Believe it or not, this statement was publicly made by a very senior member of the Ghana Police service. To begin with, if truly the top Police PR man said what he is quoted to have said above, he must immediately be removed from that job as a PR man for the Ghana Police. He, like Chris Brown, is a disgrace and definitely not qualified to be a PR man for any state institution, much more, a law enforcement institution like the Police. He would perhaps do better for the Prisons Service where he can go there as a Counselor to console felons and delinquents. But well, in the failed state of Ghana, anything goes and so he will confidently and proudly stay in his job and we will all eat humble pie.

Secondly, I myself heard, live on radio, the woman who owns or runs Charterhouse – the organizers of the event, actually defending that shameful Black American buffoon for smoking – or unashamedly acting the part of smoking dope (marijuana, ntampi, Indian Hemp, abonsam tawa, or wee) on stage.

In spite of overwhelming evidence by both members of the audience and other artistes who were present at the event, the Charterhouse woman has publicly defended the American buffoon in that, he did not smoke dope but was only simulating the offensive act by smoking something else.

As if the public simulation of smoking dope or anything offensive in public, by a delinquent artiste is excusable, she also dodged the need to explain why the typically arrogant American buffoon called on the young audience to disregard people who criticize those who smoke dope.

This rallying call on the youth to rebel against civilized society by this American ‘terrorist’, was made just before he, the buffoon, lit a massive ‘joint’ on stage and took a deep sinful puff of the stuff to show his resolute disregard, contempt and defiance to enlightened society and the laws of Ghana. I wonder what background she (Charterhouse), comes from and if she has children of her own.

She (Charterhouse) also did not show any remorse whatsoever for the American buffoons continuously excessive and blatant use of four-letter swear words and his chimpanzee-like crotch-grabbing antics in front of an audience, most of whom, by their thrilled reaction, were vulnerable youth who do not know any better.

Had this country not broken down into a failed state, Charterhouse and the woman who runs that company would not only have been barred from ever organizing such an event again, but they would also have been made to face the full rigors of the law as an abettor and an accomplice for promoting and encouraging the violation of rules regarding public obscenity, decency as well as criminal laws.

But well, in the failed state of Ghana, everything goes and mark my word, this Independence Day tragedy of historical proportions will be repeated because nothing ever changes for the better in this country Ghana. Things just get worse as time rolls on.

Thirdly, what action did the policemen on duty as well as reps of those corporate sponsors who were present, take when the American buffoon was arrogantly and without a care in the world, abusing the sensitivities, rights, privileges and benefits that the good people of Ghana had reposed in him? I can bet my last Cedi that the Policemen on duty had, as they are usually prone to do, surreptitiously drifted to the gates, to take bribes and allow patrons to get into the stadium to watch the American buffoon make a fool of himself. But well, how for do? In the failed state of Ghana, everything goes.

Fourthly, if, as legend has it, the American buffoon really and truly swindled the gaping clowns of Rlg and the Hope City project of a million dollars for a mere two hour lack-lustre pantomime in which all there was to seriously watch and listen to – if anything at all, were the choreographed lights, the supporting dancers and the cacophonous screaming of little kids who obviously cannot distinguish the tonal distinction between a note on the diatonic scale and a fart, then God bless his lost soul.

To add insult to injury – or perhaps absurdity to foolishness, the Rlg boss himself has also belatedly come out with what he deems to be an explanatory statement that says that the American buffoon “…only smoked an electronic cigarette”.

The plot thickens. It appears the man is totally oblivious to the possibility that the careless and reckless selection of an idiot to come and insult the little remaining integrity of Ghanaians on our Independence day, may have entirely ruined his Hope City mirage. I am panic-stricken by the unbelievable report that somebody can put a million dollars – never mind the $10 billion for the Hope City, in the hands of a person such as the Rlg boss. But hold on, wait a minute, this is Ghana – a failed state. The Hope City project will indeed go on and give succor and hope to many parasitic and deviant miscreants in the public domain.

After watching a brief clip of the show on the internet to ascertain the ‘rumors’ and satisfy my curiosity just to confirm all the hullaballoo going on around me, I came to the sad conclusion that it was not only on the political front that our country had woefully lost out.

If we can allow our children to go out there and pay good money to watch this listless, boorish buffoon who would not even qualify to be a gongadee (factotum or backstage boy) in the entourage of more talented and respectable artistes like Kojo Antwi, Offie Ofuatey-Cudjoe, Pauline Oduro, Nana Yaa, Mary J. Blige, Anita Baker, Amakye Dede, Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton, Lionel Ritchie, CK Mann etc., then by Jove!, we as a people have also lost out big time on the family front as well.

What is it that could have gone so perilously wrong for us as a people to have so lost our moral values and sense of direction to this level of unimaginable decadence? What did we omit to do, or what did we do so wrong that, our children would today prostrate before a freaked-out buffoon in total awe?

On reflection, I can now begin to understand why recently, some Ghanaians have had the impudence to publicly defend homosexuality and vote as President, a man who very clearly has no respect whatsoever for women, family values nor social integrity.

By implication, it now dawns on me that the little remaining moral fabric of our society has been hopelessly torn into shreds and I can now sorrowfully begin to see how far down the slippery road of social degradation we have degenerated to.

I can now allow myself to concur with the unfortunate impression that we have been hopelessly overwhelmed, with the groveling assistance of our fawning local media and entertainment promoters, by the powerful trends of decadent western social standards.

They have, by their sinister conspiracy, completely taken over our endearing culture and simple sensible way of life and replaced it with the vulgar and permissive dictates of Mammon.

Fellow Ghanaians, for the lack of moral, authoritative and principled governance in the failed state of Ghana, I fear that we stand on the precipice of eternal damnation.

Equally important is, what part did the gov’t of Ghana play in associating with what to all discerning minds, is obviously and clearly a ‘scam’ called the Hope City project. The project that inspired the entry of this universally discredited artiste out of all the other ‘more respectable’ Black artistes from Ghana and around the world, to come here only to publicly exhibit and promote the more sordid aspects of ‘his’ country to our vulnerable youth.

Some of us are aware of and can understand why and how some of our Black brothers and sisters in the Americas have willfully been denied their due social privileges that would have otherwise made it possible for them to become a more respectable people.

In the system they are trapped in, the few successful as well as the preponderant numbers of the poor ones amongst them, have both been pitifully reduced to a hopeless and miserable life of delinquency and criminality so as to perpetually keep them ‘stoned’ and distracted from seriously addressing the severe problems of their peculiar racial predicament.

Constituting an approximate ratio of about 15% of the US population, African-Americans however make up roughly about 60 to 80% of the statistics of prison inmates in most parts of America. For many of them, the only way out of this never-ending nightmare is to surrender to the psychologically relieving placebo of drugs and crime and to continue to zonk in a make-believe world of fantasy and self-denial. Surely, it is not God who created them this way. Surely, we who are their direct ancestral relations are not like that? So na who cause am?

Theirs is a country that grudgingly continues to live with the question of the legitimacy of the African-American – first of all on account of their much vilified skin color and then also for the gnawing guilt of the appalling and unspeakable manner by which they were literally shipped as cargo to that country – as menial slaves who were not and are largely, still not considered as equal enough to evenly co-exist with the imperious white European slave-masters and their contemporary descendants.

This however does not mean that we must excuse the damning foibles thrust upon our Black cousins by a vicious and racially divided society. It also therefore does not mean that, out of mere sympathy, we must tolerate these man-made ‘miscreants’ when they come here flaunting their arrogant, perverse and weird American mannerisms to compound our own overwhelming local troubles as a failed state.

In the same way that we must rigidly reject the wholesale importation of unwholesome junk food, used underwear, toxic waste, ecologically hazardous second-hand fridges and computers, expired and fake drugs, futile political philosophies and depraved western lifestyles – including homosexuality, which are still freely being dumped into this country under the permissive supervision of our inept authorities, we must in all certainty also, reject the likes of Chris Brown, a prodigal and debauched native son, born and bred in a country which has recently legitimized the abomination of same sex marriage and all its filthy, sickening and repulsive connotations.

It has been explicitly suggested in several news items that Microsoft is associated with the so-called Hope City project, which should more aptly be redefined as ‘Hype City’. It is claimed that it is a project that aspires to build a state-of-the-art ICT enclave, complete with the tallest buildings in Africa, within the next three years in Ghana.

The project is estimated to cost around $10 billion (read well, not $10 million but $10 billion) in a country where a minimum of 70% (official and therefore not factually reliable in terms of the likely tendency of officialdom to suppress negative impressions) of its inhabitants cannot boast of the basic luxury of domestic potable water and sanitary (toilets and bathrooms) facilities, among many other more sordid details.

Upon completion, if ever, this gargantuan ‘Hype City’ scheme – or ‘scam’, is expected to accommodate and/or employ over 50,000 people. The first thing that struck me – as did the other previous CNTCI scam which thankfully died a much anticipated and welcome natural death, and the recently deceased STX scam which incidentally, but not too surprisingly, was also estimated at $10 billion, is, where are all those brave people who are going to be living and working in the skyscrapers, going to get their electricity, gas and water from, when 56 years after independence, ¾ of the 4-5 million inhabitants of Accra, the capital city, cannot boast of the luxury of common potable tap water, in our homes?

Did they consider the repercussions of one of our now frequent electrical blackouts on the 60th floor of a skyscraper? I can visualize some poor devil having to carry Kufuor gallons filled with water up the stairs to the 12th floor – never mind the 80th floor. Forget about the problems associated with the periodic lack of liquefied petroleum gas. Forget about the fact that it can take a sweaty and sticky 2hours each day to navigate 1½ kms through a heavily carbon monoxide polluted, fuel consuming traffic build-up to reach the toll booth at Kasoa, only to pay 50p before continuing one’s journey.

In any case, did the initiators of this project undertake the necessary due diligence at the Dept. of Town Planning and the local District Authority to ascertain the possible demerits and inconveniences that our frail public utilities and dilapidated infrastructure may suffer from the sheer monstrous demands of this project? Have they got a building permit for this project? If they did, who gave it to them and upon what considerations was it approved? We have seen some before with mere six-storey buildings and at the end of the day it wasn’t a pretty sight that’s why I’m asking. It is also a long established fact that Accra lives precariously in an earthquake prone zone, the epicenter being around the Weija area, exactly where I understand the high rise Hope City is to be built. More anon.

Did they also consider the far-reaching social and economic distortions that the repercussions of such a project would inflict on the body-politic of this country? Why didn’t they at least consider the more sensible option of siting this project out of Accra – let’s say at, or near the precincts of the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi where it would more appropriately complement the serene location of that institution as well as the safer and more genteel social circumstances of that part of the country?

I am strongly inclined to think that just like the monstrous gaffe that was committed in importing Chris Brown the American Buffoon to come here and make a fool of himself and his country, not enough serious thinking has gone into the establishment of this Hype City project. This leads me on to begin to question the financial source of the project.

I can however, in spite of everything, surely vouch for Microsoft, in that, it is an internationally respectable organization that did not overtly build its historical accomplishments, famous wealth and squeaky clean reputation on the backs of slaves or on the exploitation of backward former colonial countries in collusion with the active shenanigans of dumb fatuous local politicians of Third World nations.

It is also universally recognized that Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men and the ‘superstar’ of Microsoft, is himself a most decent, humble and principled man who unlike other western business ‘investors’ in Africa, has, without being prompted or grabbing more than his fair share of our resources beforehand, ‘dashed’ hundreds of millions of dollars to poor countries around the world in the effort to relieve mankind of the deprivations of poverty and deadly diseases in Africa and elsewhere.

I respect him and I therefore patiently await the reaction of Mr. Bill Gates and Microsoft in this matter of the American buffoon, Rlg and the Hope City – if indeed they are involved with this mess. All said and done, Mr. Gates is the kind of capitalist that is welcome to Ghana and we are prompted by our high opinion for him to draw his attention to what he is being drawn into and the kind of people he is associating with.

Isn’t it mind-boggling that on account of the uncompromising stand that the US gov’t has taken against the worldwide trade in drugs, the US Embassy in Ghana has remained uncharacteristically mute on the issue of the misconduct of the American buffoon? Is the embassy on recess? I thought it was only Ghanaian embassies that behaved this way.

As for we the people of Ghana, we have become so punch-drunk with corrupt and obtuse political leaders that, most people have simply given up complaining and even though we are quietly seething with anger, we are at the same time patiently looking on. Even though we hesitate to get embroiled in the rumor that the goof-prone President is surreptitiously involved with various aspects of on-going revelations concerning several dubious activities of the boss of Rlg, we still find it even more suspicious that gov’t, or any of its countless functionaries, have also not deemed it fit to put in a word concerning the uncouth misconduct of Chris Brown, the American Buffoon.

Before I end, I must in spite of all odds, salute the American buffoon with a toast of Three Cheers for, if nothing at all, outsmarting a bunch of dumb African niggers and making away with a heist of a cool million bucks for smoking pot in our faces, shouting, squealing, and cursing at us and jumping around in vulgar paroxysms and generally making a fool of himself on stage for just for a couple of hours to celebrate our Independence Day!

Cool, aint it?