Why can’t the politicians get it!

Feature Article of Sunday, 7 April 2013

Columnist: Kporfor, Jacob

We all understood that all the fingers are not equal but they strongly help each other to do any function. The President of a country is equally as import as the cleaner of the streets. It is very strange that our President John Mahama is refusing to attend to the individual calls on the politician to cut down on what they take. If you say the people should sacrifice you must be seen doing likewise. The message is very simple, just come out and announce a cut down on what you take home and press on others to do likewise.
It is a matter of fact that the country is broke, not only Ghana, the whole world economy is in crisis. Ghana is heavily depending on donors so it is obvious that if they themselves have problem then we must have a bigger one. The immediate solution is to be bold to cut down on what the politicians are taking to bring down the agitations. No matter how you approach it, might not work because you might be thinking of the petroleum revenue, supposing all the public and civil workers starts now, we will be left with nothing to support the economy. It is true that Mills administration embarked on to many projects just to show Ghanaians of his capabilities and also the implementation of the premature universal salary scale. It is already gone, nothing can be done about.
Most of these politician are already rich people by our standard, so if they want to extend their hands to the nation, they have to look at it as a sacrificial job so that they can make a name out of it. They are rather now seen as crooks, national robbers and this can easily bring about national unrest.
To the lectures, it is very obvious that they old methods of teaching is not working, lets be more practical , think of improving the basic technology to bring about development. Let us practically understand how resistors, capacitors, electrical wires work so we build them ourselves so that we can ask for more money. Lets see a professor in the engineering department improving on the recently develop fufu pounding machine so that we can produce them across the world.
We have a lot of natural resources and the moment we start to step them up to secondary products we will have so much in the economy. My colleagues pharmacist I am surprised we still import paracetamol and the malaria drugs meanwhile in our basic chemistry lessons we all learnt the ingredients which go with those drugs. Lets think of being independent, my colleagues the intellectuals.
Ghanaians we talk a lot but we don’t practice.