US To Partner Ghana, ECOWAS To Boost Energy Sector

The Government of Ghana and its other West African Oil producing countries have been assured of the United States of America’s support and collaboration that would sought to promote and strengthened the energy sector.

The move, according to experts will seek to address the challenges that affect the energy sector.

It would also strengthen and enhance a formidable resource management across the boundaries of these West African Oil producing countries.

Mr. Michael P. Stewart, Manager of America’s Energy Governance Programme, disclosed this to the Press in Accra last Thursday during a two-day capacity building workshop organised by his outfit which sought to train and connect experts within the Oil and Gas Sector with other technocrats across the continent.

The workshop which was sponsored by the U.S. State Department’s Energy Governance and Capacity Initiative (EGCT) was aimed at establishing a platform that would seek to examine the best practices in the Offshore Oil and Gas resource management, specifically with regards to the management of resources across boundaries and boarders of the sub-Saharan communities.

According to Mr. Stewart, the capacity workshop was meant to identify the challenges and areas of potential occupation in developing West Africa’s offshore resources as well as provide additional insights for the best practices in management of hydrocarbon development for the benefit of the people in the region.

This, he maintained would be done through building a strong partnership with Ghana and other oil producing countries in the sub-Saharan region to put in place the necessary measures to strengthen their energy sectors respectively.

The targeted audience were both managers and technocrats within the Oil and Gas sector such as resource managers from the coastal belt of the Economic of West African States (ECOWAS); these include, Ghana (host) Senegal, the Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria as well as the Energy Directorate of ECOWAS.

“The capacity building programme was also used as the platform to highlight on some key issues affecting the energy sector of the country” he emphasized.

He reiterated that his outfit was prepared to assist the various agencies responsible for Ghana’s Oil and Gas sector through a well-structured programmes and modules that would equip experts within both the private and public sectors.

Mr. Michael Stewart, who also doubles as a member of the Bureau of Energy Resources of the U.S Department of State called for partnership with all stakeholders to initiate and implement programmes relating to the oil and gas sector that would enhance the human resource base in the energy sector of Ghana.

The workshop was highly honoured by all stakeholders responsible for the energy sector of ECOWAS with some of the program’s resource persons being sourced from the U.S resource managers from the Department of Interior, representatives from the Commercial Law Department, state Department officials who were familiar with the US/Mexican Trans-boundary Agreement negotiations.

The workshop which was the first to be organised in collaboration with the U.S Embassy in Accra and ECOWAS as well as some government agencies of participating countries was also meant to establish direct contacts with experts from the coastal belt of the Sub-Saharan who are noted for offshore exploration.