UNDEDSS says agitations over amnesty committee unnecessary


THE United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy (UNDEDSS), has said that the agitations trailing the Amnesty Committee by the Federal Government was unnecessary.

UNDEDSS is a coalition of all ethnic and political pressure groups in the Niger Delta Region.
Addressing Newsmen in Lagos, Secretary General of UNDEDSS, Mr Tony Uranta described the agitations and criticisms that have trailed the Amnesty Committee as uncalled for.

“I am  amused at the level of agitation over the federal government’s decision to set up a committee to work out modalities for a possible amnesty to Boko Haram” he said.

Uranta said that the Federal Government’s step was good, but can only be feasible if the Boko Haram ended hostilities.
“The United Nations has recommended Disarmament,Demobilisation and Rehabilitation phases an integral part of Amnesty-granting which  must be preceded by armistice. Terrorism  is a global phenomenon and the trend will not cease merely because we are Nigeria.” he said.

He however said that there was no need for criticisms over the amnesty committee when people have not understood its terms of reference.

Speaking further, the group’s scribe said “I find it unbelievable  that otherwise discerning pundits equate this to the Federal government granting Boko Haram amnesty. If I ponder over taking a wife, does that mean I’m married? Who will be the Boko Haram that will dialogue with anybody?. Has Al Qaeda ever dialogued? do you see any terrorist in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan etc lining up to be biometrically registered?”.

He, however, reiterated  that the terrorist threat to Nigeria was not merely a Nigerians-driven one but influenced from beyond the country.

According to him, “I see the  committee issue as government  showing putative goodwill, but I foresee the whole thing being an exercise in futility  because of the fundamentals of this type of sectarian terrorism worldwide. I do not think the FGN is oblivious to this frighteningly sad reality, but I join every sane Nigerian to pray for an end to this wanton mass murders currently going on.”

Uranta further said that only the restructuring of Nigeria can truly guaranty an end to terrorism in the nation.

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