The Fraudster’s Case Exposed: His name is Micheal Akonya Faraday.

Millions of people all around the world have devise new technologies and strategies of mis-chiefly masquerading and stealing from others. I equally regret to announce a man that goes around cheating others— Michael Akonya Faraday.

Yes, he took money from people and me and now in a hideout presumably in Turkey according to his face book profile. A cool calculated blood sucker!! Don’t let him fool you with his charms of Godly appearance. This cheap mutton bilot is a smart thief and I seek to bring to your awareness of what he `does and how he does it.

This vampire, first, approached me posing as a business director looking to sell his land (4 plots) in Kumasi to finance his new business (Car Washing Bay) and to expand his (Fright OR Transport business. At first, I rejected his proposals to sell me his so called land and he went away.

Few weeks later, upon finding out on ‘FaceBook’ that, am a friend with a reputable person known to him, he re-surfaced. This time, armed for a kill and succeeded. His strategy used was involved a trustworthy person (Peter Aluze-Ele ) as a cover up for his dubious actions.

He claimed (Peter Aluze-Ele) who thought me computing was his elder brother whom I know very well and trusted, knows about his land he wanted to sell to me. He gave me the go ahead to ask Peter about him which I did. Peter confirmed knowing him and his family and said, he is like a small brother to him. I also asked Peter, if he knows anything about the plots he the fraudster wanted to sell to me, Peter replied that, I should let him investigate about it and get back to me with his findings. So, I waited.

Two weeks later, the thief claimed for owning the land was confirmed to me by Peter Aleze Ele, but, warned that, people change and he could not tell if the ‘fraudster in question’ still is, as he was in character and gave me the go ahead. Describing him as a small brother was reassuring. To emphasise that, he said, the guy could not escape with my money anywhere. At this point, I became comfortable and convinced by Peter’s involvement.

I went ahead to purchase the land and asked the fraudster to change the document in my name for full payment to be effected, he said, he didn’t have money to do the changes of the documents of the plots and added that, he was even about to lose his Bay Wash Business that he needed to sell the land for, and pleaded with me that, if I trust Peter who has already confirmed his identity, I should pay him the money to enable him change the documents into my name and to save that business he was about to lose.

I offered to make part payment first. He said, process of changing the land documents will take few weeks by then he would have lost the business he wanted to save by selling the land and reassured me that, if I trust Peter Aleze-Ele, then, I should not have doubts or fear of making the payment.

Peter to me, seems like a principled, decent honest guy whose involvement gave me confidence and completely eroded all fears and doubts in my mind that, he will take my money and disappear. So, I paid him in full. The total amount involved is (£ 5,428 ) in British Pounds and Peter was aware of the payment made. I was then expecting him to change the documents into my name and send them to me as agreed, but he didn’t.

After weeks and months of calling up for the documents which weren’t coming I queried why?? He said, the documents are with the bank (Stanbic ). I asked why? He said, he used it as collateral to collect money and will send them after his deal gone through. I told him, he could not do that. He has no right to use those plots already sold to me as collateral for his personal loan without my concern and demanded the documents. At this point, he stopped picking my calls and don’t reply to my emails either and simply vanished into thin air.

Few weeks later, I caught him of guard by using a different number to call him in Ghana. I asked why he stopped picking my calls? He said, he wanted to have a definite reply to give me when he answers, because, he was in a process of replacing the plots documents used as a collateral at the bank with a house so that, he can sent them to me. Least did I know, it was a house of another victim he was doing that to.

He again asked for 2 more weeks to sort out the document. The 2 weeks came and passed and when I call, it goes to voice mail. Failing to reply to my emails and calls, I reported back to Peter about the situation.

Peter finally caught up on him on ‘facebook’ and was told again, he will be sending the documents soon as he returns to Ghana from his business trip. Till date, he has not given me the document neither has he given my money back.

Realising that, the guy is now a shady character different from the person he use to know, Peter explained, If he won’t give me the document then, he should give me my money back. Since then, every effort of Peter to get him to pay the money OR give the documents has failed and he won’t disclose his where about either for 2 years now. Yet he didn’t stop there.

Next, he moved to the third victim and used Peter’s younger brother as care without his knowledge and defrauded this victim of an amount of over ( £5, 000 pounds ). He said, Peter brother sent him to come for the money urgently and will return it in two weeks giving him a date. The victim who has a good relations with Peter and his family, knew, Peter’s brother was overseeing the building of Peters’ Mansion at the time. So, he didn’t doubt his story and parted with the money. He only realised he was duped after the money was not returned on the given date OR even after and also moved from his address. When the victim and Peter’s brother went looking for him, he was nowhere to be found.

Ladies and gentlemen, business men and women, to this point, we all know this cruel, insensitive, selfish, ungrateful, greedy bastard is a canning thief. I may have fallen a victim already along with few others and now seek to protect you. Be informed and guard your desires to venture into any business deals whatsoever with this person in question and take precautions against his activities because, he may approach you with an attractive joint business proposal and will then disappear with your money invested. Why? That is what he did to his fourth victim.

From the money he took from me and others, he was able to generate a substantial amount of money to convince his 4th victim into believing that, his so called business was doing great by producing bank statements and other fake supporting documents in support of his proposals to enter into joint business with him and succeeded. The 4th victim responded by allowing him to put his house as a collateral at the bank for a loan. (The house he said, he was in the process of replacing with the land documents at the bank when I caught up with him) This victim later discovered the business he claimed is non-existing. By then, it was too late for this victim.

Seeing that, the gap was closing on him in Ghana, he disappeared to a different country contrary to the one stated on his ‘facebook’ profile, intentionally diverting attention of those pursuing him elsewhere, whilst actually living comfortably in another country.

Acting as a spy, this arrogant fool who thinks, he is smart begot, subscribed to my ‘facebook’ postings. And seeing that, I was about to publish his activities back in October 2012, he simply bought time by contacting me and agreed to pay the amount he own me by instalment starting on 20/12/2012 but, when the time came , he vanished again. See evidence of our ‘facebook’ communications below:

Thursday 09:26
Michael Akonya Faraday

How do you want the money to be paid? can you give me two months to start paying pls? good day.

Today 01:38
Princess Zaina Baezie

The total amount involved is £ 5, 428. I paid you this amount in full at once. After refusing to give me the plots documents, you cld ve returned my money. You failed to do that.

You also had 2 yrs to pay me off by installment but chose to do nothing about it. Now u want to start payment in 2 months time. If I accept your request, it means your first payment will be in December 2012.

I will only accept your proposals under the following conditions:

1, The amount to be paid in 3 installment. First payment to reach me by December 20th 2012.
2, Second payment to reach me by 20th January 2013.
3, Third and final payment to reach me by 20th February 2013.
4, Money to be returned to me in British Pound as I paid you. OR equivalent of the total amount in any current.

5, Transfer all payment to me directly through ( Money Gram, money transfer).
6, All payments to reach me without fail.
( Full payment of the amount at once is also welcome ).

If you agree to the terms above, then we have a deal.

Pls, lets hear you by tomorrow.

Today 18:29
Michael Akonya Faraday

ok, done. might be off line sometimes…. nice day.

Though, it may seem like a conspiracy between him and Peter Aluze-Ele to dupe me. But I think, Peter himself is a victim of the fraudster for using him as care to defraud me. He is resistant to let Peter know of his where about- according to Peter.

Members of the public, be aware, now that his strategies of defrauding people are exposed, he can easily device different strategy to enable him carry on with his activities of duping people in your communities and the society at large. You therefore have a moral and civil responsibility to stop him before many more people fall victims to this prey. His behaviour is an abuse of human right in trusting people in business and a violation of all religious teachings coupled with civil and moral justice and unethical.

I urge the customers of this person to discourage his behaviour in our societies by simply not buying from him to disable his evil spree.

To his business partners, you own the public a responsibility of bringing his actions to an end. Be moved by your conscience and moral duty and stop dealing with this dishonest person who is driven by greed and an utter evil.

Finally, you the public, have the right to protect each other from him. Do the right thing !!

Don’t be fooled by his charm. I have since reported him to both Ghana Police and UK police.