NOBISCO screens 979 students expelled for indiscipline for re-admission

Authorities of the Northern School of Business Senior High School (NOBISCO) in Tamale have screened about 979 students for re-admission.

Headmaster of the school, Shaibu Wilberforce Adams explained that the students were expelled for various forms of indiscipline in the school.

Joy News’ Hashmin Mohammed reported that, the school expelled the students for offenses including female students scaling walls of the school to sneak into town with their boyfriends while others littered the dining hall of the school with food served them.

Shaibu Wilberforce said some of the students “had brought into the boarding house illegal occupants and so there was a sought of mayhem – looting, indiscipline, infidelity,” in the school.

He said due to the increasing rate of indiscipline, the school decided to carry out the exercise before the students sit for their final exams.

The headmaster recounted that within the last three months one student was arrested by the police for stealing a laptop and a digital camera. That student, he added, was later granted bail.

According to Shaibu Wilberforce, a female student, who also stole in town, was hooted at.

The students were asked to sign a bond of good behavior before they were re-admitted.