Camara, Belhanda: the Africans of Montpellier shine

Beautiful evening on Saturday for Montpellier. The defending champion in France had a good performance against Valenciennes in Ligue 1. René Girard ‘s men have emerged by 3 goals to 1 thanks to goals from his Africans.

Senegal’s Souleymane Camara opened the scoring in the 18th on a corner of Cabella. Despite its dominance, Montpellier is joined before the break with a goal of young the Franco-Senegalese, Opa Nguette .

In the second half, Daniel Congre gives the advantage to Montpellier before the Moroccan Younes Belhanda reinforces this victory with a third goal in the 86th.

The Moroccan international, who is leaving at the end of the season, has been an opportunistic by refreshing a shot blocked by Camara. The break is for Montpellier and it is only fair.