Pharmaceutical Society raises awareness on blood pressure

The Greater Accra branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization has organized a Heath Walk for the public in Accra.

The event which comes in the wake of the April 7, 2013 World Health Organization’s health day, is a joint effort to intensify education on blood pressure.

One of the major objectives of the program was to make the participants understand the need to know about blood pressure and its related diseases as well as their implications.

The walk which started from the national Theatre through some principal streets of Osu and ended at the National Theatre, was led the by the Minister of Health Madam Sherry Aryitey.

According to the Pharmaceutical Society, the awareness will help the people to know their blood pressure levels in order to take steps to control it.

The society is therefore calling on players in the health service sector to collaborate to combat hypertension in the country.

Addressing the participants Madam Sherry Aryitey advised the people to avoid poor life styles such as smoking, high intake of salt, excessive alcohol intake and eating late at night.

She advised Ghanaians to be cautious of what they take and adopt a healthy life style.

According to WHO report high blood pressure is estimated to affect more than one in three adults aged 25 and over or about one billion people.

It continued that hypertension is one of the important contributors to heart disease and stroke which make up the world’s number one cause of premature death.

Story by Ghana/ Andoh